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Colombo, Sri Lanka’s modern capital, has a rich past. Colombo’s airport and harbour serve as a starting point for both international and domestic travellers. The colonial architecture and vintage bazaars in this city are major contributors to its one-of-a-kind culinary tradition. Visitors to Colombo can visit traditional Buddhist and Hindu temples while they’re there. The best method to learn about the religion, customs, and history of the Sri Lankan people is by a visit to the temples in Colombo. It stands out from other tourist spots in Sri Lanka due to its abundance of lush woods, peaceful beaches, and breathtaking landscape. In addition, there are several beautiful Buddhist, Christian, Zoroastrian, Hindu, and Islamic temples to be found in Colombo. And perhaps this gives you a glimpse into the culture of Sri Lanka.

Visiting temples in Colombo

The best way to see all that Colombo has to offer is on a guided city tour. From all of Sri Lanka’s main hotels, visitors can schedule a day trip to the capital city of Colombo. Most Sri Lanka tours of 7 days or more, including 8-day and 14-day itineraries, include a stop in Colombo. You can reach us via email at [email protected] or via phone at/WhatsApp at 0094774440977 if you’d like to book a Colombo one-day tour or learn more about it. Since most Sri Lanka vacation packages begin in Colombo, it’s easy to incorporate a sightseeing tour of the city into your trip.

1. temples in Colombo: Gangarama temple

The Colombo Buddhist Temple is one of the city’s most prominent places of worship. The temple combines various different styles of contemporary architecture. Taxis, railways, and private buses are all available for travel. A major landmark in Sri Lanka, this shrine is well-known and simple to reach. People from all over the world flock to Colombo to visit this famous temple. Located on the shores of Lake Beira, the shrine is home to both a library and museum. Temple leaders also manage other nonprofits in the community.

2. temples in Colombo: Temple of the tooth relic

Sri Dalada Mailgawa, often called the “Temple of the sacred tooth relic,” is a popular tourist places in the Sri Lankan city of Kandy. The temple was given its namesake after the archaeological team returned with the priceless relic of Lord Buddha’s tooth. Locals are unanimous in their belief that this sacred object has had a major impact on politics in Sri Lanka. Whoever safeguards this artefact will have absolute power over the country. It’s another famous Colombo temple worth checking out.

3. The Isipathanaramaya Temple

The Isipathanaramaya Temple is considered to be one of the oldest and holiest Buddhist sites in all of Colombo. There are a number of local modes of transportation that might take you to this temple from different cities in Bentota. You will be awed by the intricate carvings, sculptures, and beautiful Buddhist symbols that adorn the inside walls. Murals by Maligawe Sarlis, painted between 1920 and 1921, are an impressive display of artistic skill. The frescoes in this temple are sure to make a lasting impression on any art lover by evoking feelings of comfort and warmth.

4. Vajiraramaya Temple

Those seeking the favour of the Buddha make frequent pilgrimages to the revered Vajiraramaya shrine. As a matter of fact, it is rather customary to give kids a lesson on “Buddhism.” The revered monk “Sri Vajiraramaya Maha Nayaka Thera” is the inspiration for the shrine’s name.

5. Sri Kailawasanathan and Swami Devasthanam

Sri Kailawasanathar Swami Devasthanam, one of the oldest and most well-known Hindu temples in Colombo, is dedicated to the gods Ganesha and Shiva. This temple plays a pivotal role in the annual Thai Pongal harvest celebration because of its religious significance.

6. Sri Ponnambalam’s Vanesar Kovil

Shri Ponnamabalam is a major Shiva temple in Colombo. Parts of Kochikade are in close proximity to Vanesar Kovil. The use of black stones and intricate carvings lend an air of opulence to this temple. Regulars visiting the temple pray to Lord Shiva and take part in the priests’ daily rites. On Fridays, devotees flock to the shrine to participate in special poojas and ceremonies.

7. The Koneswaram Temple

The Koneswaram temple, or Dakshinakailasha in Sanskrit, may be found in the west of the country. Located on a rocky promontory with the ocean on three sides, this Hindu temple is one of the most visited in all of Colombo. This structure, which suffered extensive damage in the seventeenth century, is now a sacred pilgrimage place. The Portuguese were responsible for the destruction of several structures. However, this historical monument is still standing; it serves as a gruesome reminder of the past. The name of the temple honours the god Shiva, who is revered there.

8. The Kandaswamy Temple in Maviddapuram

The Kandaswamy Temple in Maviddapuram is dedicated to Lord Murugan and is a popular place of worship for devotees. The shrine is beautifully decorated with a massive gopuram and columns. For a long time, only the wealthiest members of society were allowed entry and access to deity worship.

9. Sri Kailawasanathan Swami Devasthanam Kovil

Sri Kailawasanathan’s central location The city’s focal point, Swami Devasthanam Kovil. You can’t get to Colombo without stopping here. It’s the ideal spot for a weekend getaway from the city. The walls inside and out are covered in colourful frescoes.

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