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Sri Lanka, a tropical island with amazing diversity for a tiny geographical area, is just 425 km long and has a maximum length of about 225 km. On this lovely island, visitors can spend a brief holiday experiencing a wide range of climatic conditions, historical periods, natural settings, and cultural traditions. Experience the vividness of the environment and climate in Ellas. Ella, Sri Lanka, experiences a temperate climate with a lot of rainfall. Ella has a relative humidity of 60%, which is far more agreeable than the lower elevations of Colombo, Bentota, and Galle.

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Sri Lanka, Ella

Sri Lanka, a tropical island with amazing diversity for a tiny geographical area, is just 425 km long and has a maximum length of about 225 km. On this lovely island, visitors can spend a brief holiday experiencing a wide range of climatic conditions, historical periods, natural settings, and cultural traditions.

One of the most picturesque areas in Sri Lanka and a popular destination for Sri Lanka vacations is the hill country. The hill country is home to many tea plantations, vegetable gardens, tumbling waterfalls, streams, and tiny swaths of woodland. You can feel the fusion of cultures between the ancient Kandy monarchy, the Tamil Hindu community that was forcibly relocated from India to Sri Lanka to labour in the fields, and the colonial past of England among the tea plantations, unlike anywhere else in Sri Lanka. The fusion of civilizations offers a stunning cultural backdrop that rivals the region’s already stunning natural splendour.

Where is Ella

Ella is located in the hill-country country of Sri Lanka. The city is hidden away about 200 metres from Colombo and is located at an elevation of 1045 metres above sea level.

Ways to go to Ella

Both the road and the train can take passengers to Ella. The train journey from Kandy to Ella is regarded as one of the most scenic in the world, with access to an abundance of mesmerising hill country scenery; however, driving through the region is quicker.

  • On the Badulla-Bandarawela Road stands the rock temple Dhowa Temple, which dates back 2,000 years. It has an unfinished Buddha figure that is 12 metres (39 feet) tall and carved into the nearby rock.
  • Peak Bambaragala
  • Ella Rock is a watchtower.
  • Southeast of the community is Little Adam’s Peak, a 1,141 m (3,743 ft) pyramid-shaped hill. in honour of the bigger Adam’s Peak.
  • Six kilometres (four miles) from Nine Arches Bridge are the hamlet of Ravana Ella Falls, a 25 m (82 ft) waterfall, and Demodara Diyaluma Falls, a 220 m (720 ft) waterfall.
  • Temple of Yahalamadiththa
  • Cave of Ravan
  • The Nildiya Pokun
  • Ella is a vacation destination for adventurous pursuits.

Characteristics of Ella

The simplest way to characterise Ella, Sri Lanka, is as a little, relaxed village amid the woods. At a height of 1000 metres above sea level, this little village is encircled by a ring of mountain peaks. The most remarkable feature of Ella is its serene and breathtakingly gorgeous green countryside. You can see the southern region of Sri Lanka from Ella on clear days, and you can even make out the lighthouse’s glow.

A lot of foreign tourists visit Sri Lanka’s Ella, a well-liked vacation destination. Ella provides adventure seekers with a variety of fun activities. Ella is located between Nuwara Eliya and Wellawaya on the Ella-Wellawaya main road, which is a popular tourist route in Sri Lanka.

ATV biking and zip lining adventures

If you’re a tourist who likes moderately adventure activities in Sri Lanka, Ella offers zip lines and ATV bike rides. The 500-meter-long zip line has a top speed of 80 kilometres per hour. It is not only a rather adventurous exercise, but it also gives you a lovely view of Ella’s stunning landscape. On the other hand, an ATV bike ride is also a lot of fun. As Ella takes you through the challenging terrain. In Ella, you will pass through tea farms, small sections of woodland, and a lot of beautiful scenery. You can access many gorgeous spots in Ella that are inaccessible on foot or by other means of transportation by taking an ATV bike ride.

How long does it take to get from Colombo to Ella?

It takes well over five hours to go from Colombo to Ella. It can be shortened to three hours if you drive from the island’s south. However, because of the mountain’s quick ascent, it takes much longer than a normal trip. This wonderful vacation spot is located not far from Bandarawela and Nuwara Eliya. Train or road are the two ways to get to Ella from Colombo. The majority of visitors who come to Ella for a vacation opt to travel there by train. The train is more convenient than the buses, and you can take in the stunning views of the mountain ranges, valleys, woods, and tea plantations while you’re riding.

From Kandy to Ella, the Sri Lankan hill region rail journey

One of the most picturesque train rides in the world is the one from Kandy, nuwara Eliya to Ella. Many tourists adore it, and there is high demand among foreign tourists for hill country train excursions. The Sri Lankan railway authority has introduced a new, luxurious train called the “Ella Odyssey” from Colombo to Ella, specifically catering to international tourists, in response to the increased demand for the hill country train ride.

Newa luxury train service from Colombo to Ella, Ella Odyssey

After a long hiatus, the Department of Railways of Sri Lanka revealed plans to restart the “Ella Odyssey” train, which has given Ella’s tourism-related enterprises cause for relief. The debut of this ultra-luxurious interstate train is specifically intended to boost hill country travel. When travelling from Colombo to Ella, foreign visitors frequently take the train as one of their preferred modes of transportation.

One of the most beautiful train routes in the world is that which connects Colombo with Ella. Due to the breathtaking splendour it affords, the train ride from Ella to Kandy is the most picturesque and well-liked on the island. It is especially in demand from the many foreign tourists who adore it. As a result, the majority of Sri Lankan tour companies offer the hill country train trip as a stand-alone trip or in conjunction with other tour packages, such as “Sri Lanka Kandy trip with hill country train journey”.

Bandula Gunawardena, minister of transportation, highways, and mass media, has instructed the authorities to restart the Ella Odyssey in order to provide local and international passengers with a luxurious train ride. The return of ticketing for the Ella Odyssey train is anticipated to aid in the growth of Ella’s tourism industry. 

Timetable for Ella-Colombo train “Ella Odyssey”

Every Saturday at 05.30 a.m., the train departs from Colombo Fort and is scheduled to arrive in Badulla by 15.55 a.m. Every Sunday at 09.50 a.m., the train departs from Badulla and arrives in Colombo at 19.20 a.m.

Ella-Colombo train “Ella Odyssey” stops at

  • Gampaha
  • Veyangoda
  • Polgahawela
  • Rambukkana
  • Peradeniya
  • Kandy
  • Nawalapitiya
  • Nanu Oya (Nuwara Eliya)
  • Haputale
  • Diyatalawa
  • Bandarawela
  • Ella
  • Badulla

In order to make the train journey more delightful, the train stops at the below scenic places in addition to the main station. It will make stops at the following locations:

  • Demodara 9-Arch Bridge
  • Demodara Bridge Tunnel
  • St. Clair Falls
  • Great Western Railway Station
  • Elgin Falls
  • Pattipola Summit Level
  • Idalgashinna Railway Station

How to book Sri Lanak hill country train journey from Kandy to Ella

One of the most beautiful train rides in the world is between Nanu Oya railway station and Ella, between Nuwara Eliya and Ella. Many tourists who book Sri Lanka trips with us (seerendipity tours) request a train ride into the mountains because this upcountry rail journey is so well-liked throughout the world. Please feel free to get in touch with us at [email protected] if you’d like to take the mountain by rail as well. Seerendipity Tours can arrange for transportation to and from train terminals as well as book your train tickets.

Getting there by car

You may be wondering if it’s not feasible to go from Colombo to Ella by car. It is feasible, but in this case, we mostly discuss train travel because it is one of the most beautiful rail journeys in the world. Road travel is an option for individuals who would prefer not to take the train from Colombo to Ella. There are two main ways to get from Colombo to Ella. The first one is via the central hill country, which goes from Colombo to Ella via Peradeniya and Nuwara Eliya.  When travelling via Peradeniya and Nuwara Eliya in a private cab with a local driver, it may take you about 6-7 hours to get from Colombo to Ella. However, you can go from Colombo to Ella in 4-5 hours by taking the southern motorway.

Tour of Sri Lanka’s Hill Country

Ella, Sri Lanka, is unquestionably one of the least-travelled wild adventure vacation spots in Sri Lanka’s mountains. Compared to Nuwara Eliya, Kandy, Bandarawela, and Ella, Sri Lanka receives significantly fewer visitors. Local tourists rarely select Ella, Sri Lanka, for a vacation because it is not a popular vacation spot among local travellers. The majority of tourists in Ella, Sri Lanka, are foreigners seeking a relaxing vacation with a dash of adventure. There are a lot of backpackers here, and most of them are seasoned travellers. It’s common knowledge that Ella draws a lot of travellers and that the phrase “It’s amazing!” is heard often. It’s a lot of fun.

Waht types of travellers found in Ella?

Ella is not a popular location in Sri Lanka for those seeking luxury accommodations, they might not find it there. Due to the lack of luxury accommodations in Ella, Sri Lanka, the chances of finding one are relatively slim. It seems like a significant flaw for such a nice vacation spot. There are now very few hotels in Ella that offer opulent lodging. It might have helped this vacation destination draw in more affluent visitors if there were more properties offering lodging for upscale holidaymakers.

Is Ella included in Sri Lanka package tours?

Ella Sri Lanka is not typically mentioned in Sri Lanka package tours or included in most Sri Lanka road excursions. Perhaps as a result of the tour operators’ lack of enthusiasm for the adventurous activities available in Ella, Sri Lanka. The city is extremely obscure. Ella’s popularity increased over time, but extremely slowly when compared to other vacation spots like Bentota and Kandy. If you haven’t been to Ella before, I assume you should visit this undiscovered vacation spot.

Role of Ella as a holiday destintion

Sri Lanka, a tropical island with amazing diversity for a tiny geographical area, is just 425 km long and has a maximum length of about 225 km. On this lovely island, visitors can spend a brief holiday experiencing a wide range of climatic conditions, historical periods, natural settings, and cultural traditions. Experience the vividness of the environment and climate in Ellas. Ella, Sri Lanka, experiences a temperate climate with a lot of rainfall. Ella has a relative humidity of 60%, which is far more agreeable than the lower elevations of Colombo, Bentota, and Galle.

Sri Lanka hill country

One of Sri Lanka’s most beautiful regions is its hilly area, which features an abundance of natural beauty. In the hill country, the tea industry is dominant. You can feel the fusion of cultures between the ancient Kandy monarchy, the Tamil Hindu community that was forcibly relocated from India to Sri Lanka to labour in the fields, and the colonial past of England among the tea plantations, unlike anywhere else in Sri Lanka. The fusion of civilizations offers a stunning cultural backdrop that rivals the region’s already stunning natural splendour.

Ella stands out for not being overrun by tourists or culturally homogenised like Bentota or Hikkaduwa. There are many things to see and do. You may hike to waterfalls from Ella Town and wander through rain forests, vegetable fields, and rice terraces. You can also visit Ella Gap.

Ella gap sri lanka

Ella Gap is one of the most popular places in Ella. From the Ella Gap, travellers can witness up to the southern tip of Sri Lanka on clear and sunny days.

The most beautiful Gap in Sri Lanka’s island is, without a doubt, Ella. Near the southernmost point of the central mountain range, Ella Gap is sandwiched between two enormous geological tectonic movements. Many travellers are interested in this location and frequently ask questions about vacationing in Ella. I therefore considered writing some facts about this adorable small town. Ella is much more mature now than she was then, and she is still developing. The small town is developing quickly, and tourism is the primary driver of its growth.

Where is Ella hgap

The most beautiful Gap on the island of Sri Lanka is without a doubt Ella. At the southernmost point of the central mountain range, Ella gap is tucked between two enormous natural rifts. Many travellers are interested in this location and frequently ask questions about vacationing in Ella. I therefore considered writing some facts about this adorable small town. Ella is now fully formed and is still developing, in contrast to before. The small town is developing quickly, and tourism is the primary driver of its growth.

Ella accommodations

If you are considering an Ella-based Sri Lankan tour itinerray, you are probably wondering what kinds of Hotels Are Available in Ella, Where to Find Hotels in Ella, and What Are the prices are for Hotels in Ella. All of these inquiries received a really nice response from me. From the most basic to the most luxurious boutique hotels, this picturesque mountain resort, offers something for every type of budget. It is extremely simple to locate hotels because they are all clustered near the Ella Gap and in the Ella village.

The majority of homes are constructed so that visitors can enjoy breath-taking views of the Ella Gap from their rooms. There is a severe lack of hotels in Ella, making it necessary for most visitors to book accommodations elsewhere during the busiest holiday season. In the months of July, August, and November through April, finding a room in a quality hotel in Ella at the last minute could be challenging.

The majority of Ella’s hotels are modest buildings that offer reasonably priced lodging. Excessive partying, the picturesque location, the delicious local cuisine, and the reasonably priced lodging are just a few of the reasons people visit this small town and fall in love with it. As a result, the town draws a lot of young tourists from Western nations, who adore Ella’s travel-friendly attitude.

Weather in Sri Lanka’s Ella

Ella is warm and humid, although with an average temperature of 28 °C, it is cooler than most beachside cities. The months of October, November, December, and January see a slight drop in temperature, while the remainder of the year is mild. While it may rain often here from April to November during the southwest monsoon, there is little rain from November to April during the northeast monsoon.

What are our options in Sri Lanka’s Ella?

If you’re unsure about what to do in Ella, read on. It is a journey filled with adventures. The rough terrain of Ella has several locations that are perfect for low-adrenaline activities like strolling, hiking, and trekking. Some of the well-liked activities in Ella include mountain climbing, trekking, hiking, rock climbing, caving, and bird viewing. Due to its popularity for hiking and trekking and the abundance of hiking and trekking trails available, Ella is regarded as one of the greatest hiking and trekking locations in Sri Lanka. Some Sri Lanka tour packages, particularly ones designed for outdoor enthusiasts, include Ella. As a result, there is a considerable probability that Ella will be included in any Sri Lanka nature tour or Sri Lanka adventure trip. Many hundreds of tourists visit this vacation spot each year. As a result, the majority of people in the area depend on tourism for their livelihood, and many families rely heavily on it.

Since there aren’t many international tourists visiting Ella as of August 2022, most businesses there are left in ruins. It is a direct effect of the island’s political and economic unrest. The stakeholders in the tourism sector are hoping for optimism about their futures as a result of political stability and economic growth under the new administration. The locals of Ella anticipate some growth in their enterprises with the relaunch of the Ella Odyssey Sri Lanka hill country train.

Backpackers’ haven in Ella mountain

Your trip to this upcountry vacation spot will be unforgettable if you take a trip to the adjacent gap. There is unlimited natural beauty here, so it will be adventurous yet pleasurable. One of the key factors contributing to its appeal to travellers is the gap. Some visitors solely come to Ella to partake in adventurous activities near the gap. It is a location for activities like bird watching, trekking, and mountain and rock climbing.

There are several hotels in Ella, and the surrounding area provides you with many options for finding hotels and other lodging options that fit your needs and preferences. Both upscale and budget-conscious tourists enjoy vacationing in Ella. Ella draws a different kind of traveller than the typical island vacationer. Most visitors to this area value tranquilly, peace, and quiet. Because this sleepy little hamlet is among the nicest spots on the planet to unwind.

In Elle, you can take a long, leisurely stroll into the heart of the countryside, where only forests exist. Only a few families live in the small settlements that surround Ella. The majority of the locals work in agriculture and raise vegetables and tea. During your time in Ella, you can also go to a local tea plantation and a factory to witness how tea is made.

Where to eat in Sri Lanka’s Ella?

Every visitor to Ella, Sri Lanka, should have eating local cuisine on their bucket list because it is one of the best things to do there. There are several restaurants in Ella, Sri Lanka (the town), and some of them are well-established and serve exquisite Sri Lankan and other cuisines to their patrons. The restaurants stay open until late at night, which is unusual for Sri Lankan restaurants. The majority of restaurants and shops in Ella, Sri Lanka, have altered their business hours in order to accommodate foreign tourists. Any type of cuisine—Western, Eastern, or regional—can be ordered.

What to dress in Sri Lanka’s Ella?

The location of Ella in Sri Lanka necessitates climbing, hiking, and trekking. Consider a dress that is more casual than stylish; this is a terrific suggestion. The good news is that casual attire, including cotton T-shirts and pants, looks nice when on vacation in Ella, Sri Lanka (What to pack for Sri Lanka holidays, Clothing & Gears Guide).

The climate here is best suited to light, cotton clothing. It is best to dress modestly and in layers because it can get chilly after dusk and when there is wind. When visiting Ella, you must bring a pair of sturdy shoes that are appropriate for walking, hiking, and trekking because the area’s great weather and lush greenery will inevitably make you want to go trekking.

For the types of activities you perform in Ella, Sri Lanka, a light cotton dress is ideal (a cotton pair of trousers and a cotton T-shirt or any other cotton dress would suffice). For use at night and in the cool wind, add a lightweight jumper and windproof jacket to your pack. I also advise bringing a pair of hiking boots.

9-arched bridge

One of the most well-liked tourist attractions in Ella is the nine-arch bridge, which is an engneering marvels. The nine arch bridge connects the railway stations at Ella and Demodara. The bridge has a height of 30 metres and a length of 300 feet. The bridge is regarded as one of Sri Lanka’s most significant engineering achievements.

Importnace of 9-arched bridge in Ella

No visitor staying in Ella will be able to miss this significant engineering achievement. Local craftsmen used granite blocks and cement to build the bridge. It was built immediately following World War I. According to the source, the British administration in Ceylon had planned to construct an iron bridge in Ella between two mountain peaks, but the lack of iron made this impractical. When the bridge’s construction was delayed due to a scarcity of raw materials, a local builder named “Appuhami” suggested building the bridge out of cement and stones. The British let the local builders build the bridge even though they were initially a little unsure about its strength. The bridge’s distinctive architecture has proven to be extremely robust and long-lasting. Although the Nine Arch Bridge was built many centuries ago, millions of train travellers use it each year, and it is still in excellent condition.

What time of year is ideal for seeing Nine Arch Bridge?

On the Ella-Passar road, you may get to the nine arch bridge. The Nine Arch Bridge is accessible after travelling 4 kilometres on the Ella-Passara route. The majority of tourists visit the nine arch bridge to see the Hill Country Blue Train as it passes over the bridge. When the blue train travels from Ella to Badulla and vice versa, the nine-arched bridge’s stunning architecture creates a wonderful view.

Beware of Wasp attacks in Ella

Many locations around Sri Lanka, including Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Ella, are experiencing wasp attacks. Wasps are a species of bee that is a little larger than regular bees. Within and around Ella, there are a lot of wasp nests. Heavy winds can occasionally disturb these bees, and as a result of these disturbances, wasps are beginning to attack people. If you are in an open area during a wasp assault, these tiny insects might attack you. In order to avoid the area where the wasps are swarming, try to enter a contained space like a house or hotel. The locals are building a fire outside during the wasp onslaught. They are able to keep wasps away from them because of the warm smoke rising from the fire.

From Ella, exploring Horton Plains

Even though Ella, Sri Lanka, is a place where you can have a comfortable stay, I believe that one of the finest things you can do there is go on a day tour because there are so many things to do there that don’t require you to do any driving. The excursion to Horton Plains National Park, one of the coolest spots to explore in the mountains, is one of the most exciting day trips from Ella, Sri Lanka. Horton Plains, Sri Lanka’s best national park for exploring the mountainous flora and fauna of the country, is roughly a one-hour drive from Ella.

Peak of Ella Mini Adam

The small Adam’s Peak, also known as Adams’ Peak and having the same shape as Sri Pada Holy Mountain, is located about two kilometres from the Ella crossroads. Locals refer to this tiny peak as “mini Adam’s Peak” since it resembles a sacred mountain. Mini Adam’s Peak only resembles Adam’s Peak in shape; it does not, however, have the same religious significance.

Most visitors to Ella prioritise hiking the town’s miniature Adam’s Peak. There is a clearly marked footpath that leads to the mountain’s summit, and it is a manageable ascent. All ages of tourists can walk up Mini Adam’s Peak, and no prior experience is necessary in order to reach the summit. The trek up Adam’s Peak is most well-liked by foreign tourists; local tourists are hardly ever among the hikers.

With minimal stops along the route, the upward and descending treks each last about an hour. The amount of time needed for photography is not calculated, though. The walk is quite easy to start because you travel across flat terrain, but as you near the end of your adventure, a significant ascent will present itself. Initially, as you go through the picturesque countryside and lush green tea plantations, the scenery progressively changes as you get closer to the mountain’s summit.

The greatest reward for hikers who reach the mountain’s summit is the breathtaking view of the surroundings. On clear days, the mountain’s summit offers a clear view up to Sri Lanka’s far south. It commands an impressive outlook across the surrounding area. In close proximity to the miniature Adam’s Peak is the granite cave known as Ravana Cave, which was home to humans during the Stone Age (prehistorical times).

View the dawn from Mini-Adam’s Peak

Adams Peak Mountain, which is significantly larger than the smaller Adams Peak, is a well-liked location to watch the dawn in Sri Lanka. Ella’s Mini Adam’s Peak is also there. Due to its high altitude, tiny Adams Peak offers visitors a spectacular sunrise view. On the summit, there are two locations where you can observe the sunrise. To be in the best possible position to capture a clear picture of the sunrise, it is crucial to arrive at the summit well before sunrise. Make a Google search to find out the sunrise time before you begin the hike.

Sri Lanka Ella, a walk to Ella Gap

Google users frequently search for “Ella Gap, Sri Lanka”. Because every tourist heard the echo of this tiny, isolated village. The small, genuine hill country village of Ella in Sri Lanka has a lovely backdrop. Ella, Sri Lanka, is more than 1000 metres deep and almost 10 kilometres long, making it the place with the largest gap (deepest and longest). Ella is a tiny, genuine hill country village. Ella is more than a thousand metres deep and almost ten kilometres long, making it the largest gap in Sri Lanka. The Ella trailhead is about 1.5 km from town and leads past lovely tea plantations, offers views of Ella Gap, and rewards you with breathtaking panoramas of the surroundings after a short, leisurely 30-minute walk.

One of the must-do activities in Ella is a walk to the Ella Gap. Ellas is, after all, so well-liked on the island for this reason. The Ella vacation resort is where most tourists stay, and from there you can view the gap, which is only 100 metres away. Ella Gap is only a quick one-day journey away fro Colombo.

Trekking is one of the most popular activities in Ella, Sri Lanka, and Ella Gap is a great starting point for a number of hikes. In Ella, there are a variety of routes that call for varying degrees of physical fitness. The Ella Gap route travels through the canyon via stunning scenery and offers the chance to view local species.

Ella, Nil Diya Pokuna

Only a small number of tourists visit Sri Lanka’s off-the-beaten-path Nil Diya Pokuna since it is virtually undiscovered by tourists. A pond called Nil Diya Pokuna can be found deep inside the Ravana cave. In Sri Lanka, there aren’t many attractions of this kind. The Ramayana makes reference to the name of the legendary King Ravana, who is closely related to Nil Diya Pokuna. Nil Diya Pokuna, in accordance with popular belief, was built under the rule of King Ravana. Be extremely cautious when you descend to the pond because the path there is highly dangerous. The cave is quite gloomy inside because it doesn’t receive sunlight. The pond’s water is exceptionally clear and clean, and when the cave is lit up, visitors can see the deep blue water surface.

Ravana waterfall

A few kilometres further down the Ella-Wellawaya road, near the highest waterfall in Ell, is Ravan waterfall.

One of Sri Lanka’s most stunning and highest waterfalls is the Ravana Waterfall. To view this monster up close, visitors must engage in some rock climbing. The waterfall, which pours from natural rock, is 25 metres high. The wildlife sanctuary of Ravana Ella, which is 6 kilometres from Ella, is where the waterfall is situated.

Ella rock

Due to its height, Ella Rock is a peak that is visible from all parts of Ella. More difficult to climb than the little Adam’s peak, Ella Rock Mountain is taller than the mini Adam’s. Travellers love to climb Ella Rock, which is a very popular pastime. From the beginning, it would take around one hour and thirty minutes to go to the summit. Although the ascent may be a little challenging, the lovely vista more than makes up for it. Ella Rock Mountain is thought to be a fantastic location to watch the sunrise. From the summit, you may enjoy a beautiful bird’s-eye view over the Ella Gap and the surrounding greenery.


In the piece, I reiterated the significance of Ella as a vacation spot since I believe it does not receive the credit it deserves. Ella is one of the ideal locations for an unforgettable, unusual experience because it is one of the less travelled and populated parts of this offbeat vacation destination. So, when planning your Sri Lanka vacation, avoid Galle, Colombo, Kandy, and Nuwara Eliya in favour of this new tourist hotspot.

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