Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights, Sri Lanka 10-day tour

This Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights is perfect for first-time visitors since it provides a comprehensive overview of the island and its many attractions. Packages lasting six days that include visits to national parks, beaches, and the countryside tend to be the most popular among foreign visitors. With an experienced driver and tour guide, a six-day journey in Sri Lanka can cover most attractions, making it a perfect alternative for European travellers.

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Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights

Sri Lanka is the most southern country in the world, located 645 km south of the equator. Unusually for a tropical region, the weather is pleasant all year round. In Sri Lanka, April is a month of great significance since it marks the beginning of the flowering season, the beginning of warmer weather, and the beginning of the country’s largest traditional New Year’s festival. Even while late-year temperatures drop by a few degrees Celsius (often hovering around 30 oC), the average annual temperature rises again in April. Sri Lanka’s unique natural environment, including its historic temples, palaces, and gardens, as well as its cliff trails, green-capped mountains, and waterfalls, are all accessible year-round because to the island’s consistently agreeable climate. The neighbouring sea environment is replete with a broad assortment of cetacean and dolphin species.

I’m looking for the best Sri Lanka vacation package for five nights.

The 5-night Sri Lanka vacation package is ideal for first-time visitors who want to experience as much of the beautiful country as possible during their trip. International visitors to Sri Lanka have a strong preference for six-day tour packages. The highlights of this six-day trip to Sri Lanka are the cultural triangle, one of the country’s best national parks, a beach day and a walk through the hills.

A six-day vacation may not seem like much of a break to someone coming from Europe. Therefore, it is impossible to see all of the most popular tourist spots in Sri Lanka in just a few days. While encountering vibrant urban activities, indulging in delectable Sri Lankan cuisine and beverages, engaging in exhilarating sports, unwinding on an idyllic beach, or participating in exhilarating beach activities, a mere six days is sufficient to cover the majority of Sri Lanka’s attractions by car. You should be able to see quite a bit of Sri Lanka during your six days there if you come prepared and hire a knowledgeable chauffeur and tour guide. Preparation is the key to successfully estimating the cost of a six-day trip to Sri Lanka.

Is 5-nights and six days sufficient to explore Sri Lanka?

While many tourists leave Sri Lanka pleased with their six-day stay, others lament that they didn’t have enough time to see and do everything they wanted to do. In my opinion, if you plan your Sri Lanka trip well, you will be able to see a lot of Sri Lanka. Even if you feel six days in Sri Lanka to be sufficient, it is vital that you have a well prepared schedule in order to assure the success of your trip.

The usual 6-day trip to Sri Lanka can be replaced with a variety of other itineraries, such as a nature tour, cultural tour, south coast tour, beach tour, etc. Planning the most convenient itinerary for a six-day trip to Sri Lanka requires travellers to be very clear about their wants and needs. Most Sri Lankan tour companies provide tailor-made itineraries for their visitors, so you may be able to get one with the help of Serendipity Tours.

Can I combine 6-days tour with a beach holiday?

It is possible to combine a beach vacation in Sri Lanka with a trip to the country that lasts only six days. This is, in reality, a question we get very often from website visitors. because many people want to take advantage of Sri Lanka’s natural, historical, and cultural features while also enjoying some leisure on the beach. Regarding this type of Sri Lanka trip plan, the six-day excursion and the shore excursion are handled as distinct entities. However, the six-day trip to Sri Lanka may call for a clockwise or anticlockwise schedule, depending on the starting point of your beach vacation.

In general, what kind of things do tourists do during their six days in Sri Lanka?

Giving a simple answer to this question can be difficult for some people. The most common Sri Lanka vacation lasts for six days and includes visits to the Sri Lanka’s beaches, cultural triangle, and hill area. This travel route is in high demand, especially amongst international visitors. This six-day trip takes you to the best of Sri Lanka, including its UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Buddhist temples, museums, wildlife reserves, tea plantations, beaches, and hill region. This page provides a comprehensive breakdown of the trip’s schedule so that you may visualise it in your mind.

What might you do on a 6-day trip to Sri Lanka?

The 6-day Sri Lanka tour itinerary is one of the most popular and often booked multi-day trips to Sri Lanka. There is no limit to the number of exciting stops and events you can add to the schedule. Six days in Sri Lanka could be spent at the beach, exploring the outdoors, or learning about the country’s rich cultural history. Sri Lanka’s beaches, magnificent hill country, wildlife, and culture can all be accommodated into a six-day itinerary, but any other combination of places and activities is also feasible.

This article details a typical six-day trip to Sri Lanka, highlighting the island’s most visited attractions: the hill country, the beaches, and the cultural triangle. Additionally, wildlife viewing, boat cruises, and trips to botanical gardens are also part of the tours.

How much does a six-day tour package to Sri Lanka cost?

The cost-effectiveness of a six-day trip to Sri Lanka depends on the type of lodging chosen and the sights and activities experienced. The bulk of the price is accounted for by the cost of lodging, while the remainder is split between the cost of activities and any admittance fees. The cost of Sri Lanka package is affected by the cost of transportation and the cost of hiring a driver/guide. You can save a lot of money by planning your trip carefully and staying in a three-star hotel rather than a four-star or 5-star resorts.

Can I book lodgings my self for the trip?

Yes, you can book a hotel room for your trip in advance. However, we advise our customers to book their entire trip with a single vendor. This is something that tourists may do to save a lot of money on their trips. The package price could go up by 20% if you decide to utilise two different vendors (one for housing and the other for the remaining components).

Is the 5-nights Sri Lanka tour is suitable for a family?

A family trip to Sri Lanka that includes kids might be planned for a total of 6 days. Due to the private nature of the expedition and the absence of physically taxing activities, the only ones who will be inconvenienced by their children’s naughty behaviour are the parents.

Sri Lanka 5-night adventure tour

This Sri Lankan adventure includes whitewater rafting, safari rides, walks through the rain forest, and trekking over the course of six days. This adventurous trip along the coast of Sri Lanka includes whale-watching as an added activity.

Where will you be spending each of your six days in Sri Lanka in 2023?

All 6-day Sri Lanka tours contain at least some of the listed attractions, though the exact inclusions will vary by package.

What are the highlights of the six-day trip to Sri Lanka?

The 6-day Sri Lanka vacation package may or may not include the following experiences, depending on the tour itinerary selected.

  • City tours
  • The Sigiriya Rock Fortress Walk with a Guide
  • The Trip to Dambulla’s Golden Temple
  • Polonnaruwa hop-on, hop-off tour
  • Temple of Kandy Tour
  • Kandy, Sri Lanka’s Buddhist Museum
  • Kandyan cultural presentation
  • A day spent sight-seeing in Kandy
  • A tour of the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens
  • A trip through the fragrant spice garden
  • Nuwara Eliya: Sightseeing tour
  • Esplanade around Gregory Lake
  • Plantations and a tea factory
  • Safari on the Madu River
  • Amusements along the Beaches of the West Coast

Summary of 6-Day Sri Lanka Trip

  • Day 1: Colombo
  • Day 2: Colombo-Sigiriya
  • Day 3: Sigiriya, Polonnaruwa, and back to Sigiriya
  • Day 4: Sigiriya to Kandy
  • Day 5: Kandy-Bentota
  • Day 6: Bentota to Colombo

Tour itinerary for 5-night Sri Lanka package

You may see the natural and historical splendour of Sri Lanka on a six-day road tour from Colombo to Sigiriya to Nuwara Eliya. The majority of visitors to Sri Lanka go by road to explore the island’s stunning landscapes, ancient landmarks, and exciting adventure opportunities. This six-day trip to Sri Lanka offers the perfect blend of wild natural beauty and cultural intrigue.

The bus system in Sri Lanka is well-established, and the country’s principal cities can be reached quickly and easily by train. However, buses and trains in Sri Lanka are notorious for being late and wasting time, so they are not recommended. Comfortable travel and time savings are only two of the many benefits of hiring a private Sri Lankan driver/guide.

When one has access to their own vehicle, they are free to stop whenever they like to take in the breathtaking landscape or enjoy the charming atmosphere of a quaint inn. With our six-day road trip, you can rest assured that your experience in Sri Lanka will be unforgettable.

When would you recommend visiting Sri Lanka for a six-day tour?

The best time to do the six-day tour of Sri Lanka is between November and April. In the following six-day plan, you’ll primarily travel throughout the island’s southern circuit and visit its central, western, and southern hill regions. From April to October, the southwest monsoon will have a significant impact on the regions the expedition will be travelling through. The southwest monsoon is Sri Lanka’s main rainy season, and it frequently brings torrential downpours to the areas visited during this six-day trip. Most of Sri Lanka experiences a dry season between October and April, coinciding with the northwest monsoon. This six-day Sri Lanka itinerary focuses on the following sights: Thus, the optimum period to conclude the 6-day Sri Lanka southern tour is from October to April, which matches with the winter season in the northern hemisphere.

Udawalawe National Park, Kandy’s Temple of the Tooth Relic, Sigiriya Rock, and Dambulla’s Golden Temple are just a few of the highlights of this private 6-day tour of Sri Lanka. At the end of the trip, you’ll be stuck on the solitary beaches of Mirissa.

Day 1: Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights

Start your trip off right with a day in sumptuous Colombo, where you can take in the city’s mix of old and new architecture and visit the Wolvendaal church, a Dutch masterpiece perched atop a rocky cliff overlooking the busy city.

You should climb Galle Face Green for the stunning views and to prepare for the more challenging climbs that lie ahead. After taking in the exciting sights and sounds of Colombo, head to the Buddhist temple in Kelaniya to learn more about the city’s rich history. It is stated that through a single act of worship, one might expiate all offences done throughout their lives. George Keyt, one of the island’s most celebrated artists, amassed the largest collection of contemporary Buddhist artworks, making this temple a must-see.

Colombo’s Buddhists temples the Kelaniya temple in the highest regard because it was the only one Buddha ever visited during his three trips to Sri Lanka in the sixth century BC. Every practising Buddhist is expected to make at least one pilgrimage to the Kelaniya temple during their lifetime, as it is one of the eight holiest Buddhist locations in Sri Lanka.

In and around the city core of Colombo are a number of noteworthy tourist sites, including lakes, parks, rivers, wetlands, and historic architecture. Colombo is the name given to the metropolitan area that surrounds the Ramsar wetland, which consists of a network of lakes, marshes, and canals. It’s a space of about 20 square feet. Miles of land with economic significance lie within wetland areas.

The Muthurajawela Wetland is close to Colombo and provides a beautiful setting for a leisurely stroll, a ride, or any combination of the three. Muthurajawela is one of the greatest places to see birds in the Colombo area, as it has several marshes that birds find suitable for nesting. While on a boat ride, you might see monkeys, crocodiles, mongooses, and monitor lizards, among other animals.

Stay overnight in Colombo

Day 2: Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights

After a satisfying breakfast, set out towards the northeastern part of the country, where you will find many coconut groves, rubber trees, and lovely settlements. As one travels further into the country, the road gets less crowded, the surrounding area becomes more verdant, and the country’s unique characteristics become more apparent. The Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka is the final stop on the journey because of the abundance of historical landmarks in the area.

Its origins can be traced back tens of thousands of years to Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle, where it has thrived ever since. Only a few remarkable historical buildings survive to attest to the splendour of this long-lost civilization. Unfortunately, the technological mastery and knowledge that defined antiquity appear to have perished suddenly and have not been transmitted to the present day.

This ancient culture had one of the most innovative approaches to water management in human history. Hundreds of miles of carefully designed, low-gradient canals were used to transport water between massive containers the size of a few football fields. The paintings were created by skilled artisans in antiquity, and they still feature their original colour palette. The size of some of their buildings rivals that of the Pyramids of Giza.

Mineriya Reservoir

The cultural triangle symbolises the first phase of Sri Lankan history, including the era from the third century BC to the Middle Ages. Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Kandy, all located in the Cultural Triangle, are the five UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka where the most important evidence of Sinhalese culture is found. Monuments surround each historical site, and lovely walking paths wind all the way around them. There are even museums dedicated to showcasing the historical treasures of a few of these old cities.

It’s time to call it a day after a long day of exploring Anuradhapura, the world’s most ancient city and site.

Stay overnight in Anuradhapura

On this five-night itinerary for Sri Lanka, notable tourist attractions include the Sigiriya rock castle, the Dambulla gilded temple, and the Tooth Relic Shrine. The breathtaking hilly highlands of Sri Lanka are also part of this exclusive, six-day tour. Tourists can see the magnificent animals of Sri Lanka up close on safari.

Day 3: Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights

After breakfast, head to Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa via the Ritigala forest to explore the ancient cities and rock fortresses of Polonnaruwa and Sigiriya. It would take two hours to trek to the rock citadel of Sigiriya and the ancient city of Polonnaruwa, but a dedicated hillwalker could spend an entire day exploring both. King Kashyapa made his permanent residence atop Sigiriya, a massive boulder that was embellished with palaces, watchtowers, moats, fountains, and meticulously maintained gardens. The Sigiriya rock fortification is an engineering wonder on par with the ancient Mesopotamian suspended cities.

The City of Polonnaruwa Tour

Polonnaruwa, situated in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, is 216 km from Colombo. Polonnaruwa, a mediaeval city that attracts hundreds of people every day, is among the most frequented tourist spots on the island. Polonnaruwa served as Sri Lanka’s capital and administrative centre throughout the 10th and 11th centuries AD.

Stupas, dagobas, temples, and Ayurvedic hospitals were only a few of the many Hindu religious buildings that surrounded Polonnaruwa at its height. The creation of new parks and gardens increased the city’s aesthetic attractiveness. To guarantee the city’s water supply, a complex water management system was developed. Water for the city and neighbouring farmlands came from the Parakrama Samudra, also known as the Sea of Parakrama.

King Parakramabahu built the sizable artificial lake of Parakrama Samudra in the eleventh century. The ancient monarchs’ creation of the 5940-hectare lake was one of the most ambitious irrigation projects ever attempted.

King Parakramabahu’s Palace

The citadel served as both King Parakramabahu’s home and administrative centre, with a total of a thousand rooms across seven stories. King Parakramabahu, one of Sri Lanka’s most devoted monarchs, reigned over the island in the twelfth century. The king made significant contributions to the nation’s progress by ordering the construction of Buddhist temples, the development of new lakes and canals, and the refurbishment of ageing irrigation infrastructure. The king had built a rampart around the fortress that was about a metre high. The wall was embellished with stone designs inlaid onto its surface.

The royal bath is located up some stairs in the city’s easternmost neighbourhood, directly across from the citadel. It was speculated that there was a small pavilion adjacent to the stone bath that acted as the authorised changing space. It had ornate details added to it.

Gal Vihara is a Buddhist temple.

The Buddhist temple of Gal Vihara, also known as Uttararama, may be found on the outskirts of the city. It features four enormous Buddha statues carved out of granite. King Parakramabahu commissioned this Buddhist temple in the 12th century AD.

Vata Da Ge

During the reign of King Nissankamalla, a dagoba was built; this structure dates back to pre-colonial Sri Lanka. A circular relic chamber surrounded it on all sides. King Parakramabahu built the Hatadage relic chamber to house the Buddha’s tooth relic.

Overnigh stay in Sigiriya

Day 4: Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights

Start out with a scenic drive through the hills of Sri Lanka on the 75 kilometres between Sigiriya and Kandy along the main A9 highway. The Dambulla Golden Cave Temple is a collection of five large, original caves containing innumerable Buddha murals and sculptures. After escaping the chaos caused by a South Indian invasion in the first century BC, King Walagambahu took refuge in the temple. In order to protect the monarch from his pursuers, the monks hid him in the woods. After the king regained his power, the temple was built with his blessing.

After seeing the Dambulla Golden Temple, visitors can learn more about the island’s unique spices by taking a guided tour of a local spice farm. There is a major Hindu temple you can stop by en route from Spice Garden to Kandy. Then, our tour guide and driver will take you to your overnight accommodations in Kandy. Before beginning the city tour of Kandy, guests will have the chance to rest and enjoy the hotel’s provided brunch.

The rest of the day is spent discovering Kandy, a beautiful city that is home to several well-known attractions. One visits the temple where the tooth relic is venerated after enjoying an afternoon performance of traditional Kandyan culture. City trips typically include stops at Kandy Lake, the Temple of the Tooth Relic, and the Royal Botanic Garden.

Staying the Night in Kandy

Day 5: Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights

Until there is no longer any elevation to be gained or lost from sea level, you should keep travelling through the hill country. Visit the stunning beaches throughout the day, and then head back to the west coast by way of the photogenic tea plantations. Driving through the breathtaking mountain beauty of Sri Lanka’s hill country, which is located between Nuwara Eliya and the Indian Ocean, would be an unforgettable experience. Along the road between Nuwara Eliya and Colombo, you can visit St. Clair’s tea estate and Devon Fall. Lunch will be served at the Eco-Resort estate hotel.

If you’re looking for some privacy while tanning, head along the winding, steep, and narrow road that connects the central highlands to the western lowlands.

Take a stroll down the palm tree-lined beaches of Bentota, and then reward yourself with a seafood platter and a glass of arrack, the drink of choice among Sri Lanka’s working class. The rest of your free time can be spent lounging on the white-sand beaches and swimming in the turquoise seas of the Indian Ocean.

Located inland from the shore, this area is home to a big forest, towering mountains, and quaint villages, all of which provide excellent walking. A day spent kayaking, surfing, boating, diving, or snorkelling is sure to be an exciting and risky one for the adventurer. Visitors and those in search of leisure activities can relax along the coasts by sipping arrack cocktails at a beach bar, dining on fresh seafood and shopping for souvenirs made from precious stones.

Overnight stay in Bentota

Day 6: Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights

On your final day of your six-day trip to Sri Lanka, I highly recommend seeing the southern shore. There are cities, nature preserves, beaches, forts, museums, and parks in this area.

Proceed to Colombo following a leisurely breakfast at the hotel. The journeying party may make multiple stops along the route to explore important places. Presently, a journey to the Galle fortress, the Madu River Estuary, and Hikkaduwa Beach compose the southern area of Sri Lanka. Travellers with flights out of Mattala or Colombo can take advantage of an early shuttle service.

The conclusion of the 6-day tour of Sri Lanka

Why You Should Book Sri Lanka tour package for 5 nights with Serendipity

Seerendipity Tour is a locally owned tour agency with its headquarters in Colombo. One of Seerendipity Tours’ greatest strengths is the expertise of its local guides, who can tailor a trip to Sri Lanka to your specific interests and needs.

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Since we don’t involve any third parties in the transaction, you can rest assured that you’re getting the best value possible on your vacation rental. Tell us where you want to go and when you want to go on vacation, and we’ll make it happen.

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Our experts will develop a personalised programme for you to alter until you acquire the most advantageous offer. Browse our pre-made trip plans to get more inspiration; each one may be modified to fit your preferences. Please call us at 0094-77-440977 or 0094-77-4440977, or write to us at [email protected], if you need to get in touch.

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