Seerendipity Tours is truly local company with head office in Colombo. You can get our expert tour planners to craft your tailor-made tour itinerary to Sri Lanka. This service is offered free of charge and still, you do not need to to book the trip with us. Moreover, you can guarantee the best rates for your Sri Lanka trip as you can eliminate the intermediaries between you and the local travel company.

The number of holiday seekers on the island is skyrocketed during the last several years and the number of holidaymakers increasing year after year. The number of leisure holiday seekers exceeds 2 million now. You might be also interested in a Sri Lanka holiday package, but how to plan your best Sri Lanka holiday package, where should I stay? when should I travel? where should I travel? and what should I see? Hmm, these are the burning question in everyone’s mind at the planning stage of the trip. We feel the heat and we judge it with the number of daily emails we receive from our readers. That’s why we started this free consultation program to help travellers to plan the best Sri Lanka holiday package. What is a nice thing about this free consultation is it is TOTALLY FREE there is no fee at all. Just leave us a few details such as travel date, name, phone etc.

We believe now it is the time to organize the best Sri Lanka holiday package with improved security and a peaceful environment. For most travellers, Sri Lanka was out of their map for a long time, due to the political unrest prevailed in northern Sri Lanka. The heat of the civil war was felt in the rest of the island with destructive bomb explosions and shooting incidents. Today after almost 10 years since the end of civil war, Sri Lanka has become one of the most peaceful nations in the world.

Please send us some information about your expectations such as accommodation type, budget, what you most interested in (wildlife, culture, history, society, nature, adventure etc). We will send you a complete trip package from starts to the end.

Fill in the form below and leave for WhatsApp number, email or Skype id and leave a convenient time for us to contact you.

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