Perhaps Sri Lanka is most popular for its beach resorts that line its extensive coast, but Sri Lanka is also a cultural melting pot with many ethnic groups and religions. There are ancient rock temples and fortresses, ruins of ancient and sacred cities, and remnants of a colonial age. And if that’s not quite enough to tempt you, the island possesses a naturally spectacular interior that’s home to green-capped mountains, cascading waterfalls, rolling tea plantations, and wildlife-rich parks and reserves where elephants, leopards, crocodiles and sloth bears roam free.

Make your Sri Lanka trips at your own pace with us; in fact, Sri Lanka holidays take on a slower pace. Time takes on a different meaning for Sri Lanka; it may take a little longer to get from A to B, but that only adds to its charm. It gives you more time to take in your surroundings and discover the country from a local’s perspective as your guide proudly regales you with tales of their homeland.

Whether you’re seeking a beach escape or a bespoke Sri Lanka tour, talk to us and we’ll help create the right Sri Lanka holiday for you.

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