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Colombo’s New Year’s Eve and 31st night celebrations

The City of Colombo is getting excited and joyful as it prepares to welcome 2024.
The whole city of Colombo is currently filled with a festive atmosphere, and to further fuel the excitement, Sri Lanka Tourism is preparing an exciting lineup of events for the New Year, primarily to draw in both domestic and foreign visitors by providing a preview of how the island nation is celebrating the occasion with joy and optimism.

Together with the Ministry of Tourism and Lands, Sri Lanka Tourism is organizing the Galle Face Green New Year’s celebrations. It promises to be an amazing evening that guests will remember for the rest of the year.

In order to provide a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration for all Sri Lankans, Sri Lanka Tourism has already finalized plans for the musical event of the year, “Ayubowan 2024,” featuring Flashback, one of the country’s top acts. The audience will enjoy a remarkable musical experience featuring performances by well-known musicians like BNS, Jayasri, Romesh Sugathapala, Sanka Dineth, Sashika Nisansala, Ruwan Hettiarachchi, Amal Perera, Lahiru Perera, Amila Nadeeshani, Kanchana Anuradhi, Shanika Wanigaskera, Wasthi, Senanayake Weraliyadda, Dhanapala Udawatta, Namal Udugama, Dimanka Wellalage, and many more.

Siyatha TV, the event’s media partner, will air a live telecast of the event.

The streets of Colombo have been lit up and adorned to match the seasonal cheer, transforming them into a Christmas wonderland. Right now, efforts are being made to make this the most celebrated festive feast.

Leading hotels in Colombo are preparing an equal amount of surprises for the New Year, including exciting banquets that include entertainment and delectable food. They anticipate hosting at least 18,000–20,000 guests to celebrate the turn of the year and the start of a new one.

Eighty of the hotels in Colombo are already full of visitors who are hoping to see how Sri Lankans celebrate New Year’s Day. There will be more tourists visiting Sri Lanka as a place full of excitement and action because of the lively and action-packed atmosphere.

Since Colombo is expected to be a key center for entertainment tomorrow, Sri Lanka Police has implemented a special traffic plan starting at p.m. on December 31st, with an emphasis on Pettah, Slave Island, and the Colpetty regions in order to minimize disruptions during the night.

There are several parking spaces set out for cars that go to Colombo. also comprising a unique shuttle service that Sri Lanka Tourism has organized.

Although it has been a tumultuous year, Sri Lanka Tourism has had many surprises. This year saw a significant increase in tourist arrivals, marking both the start of a prosperous year for Sri Lankan tourism and the industry’s revival. September 2023 marked the one million visitor milestone for Sri Lanka. In December 2024, visitor numbers surpassed the two hundred thousand mark, and as of December 28th, they had reached 1.46 million, a remarkable accomplishment for the country’s tourism industry. This is the most arrivals in a single month for the past four years, which is great news for Sri Lanka as a travel destination.

The initial goal for Sri Lankan tourism this year was 1.5 million, but the country has nearly reached that mark, regaining its reputation as a top tourism destination worldwide. As a result, Sri Lanka Tourism is eagerly preparing for another successful New Year that will see it rise to the top of the vacation destination rankings in 2024.

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