Bentota River Safari

Comparison: Bentota River Safari vs Madu River Safari and Summary of Bentota River Safari

The Bentota River safari offers a unique experience with its remarkable mangrove lagoon, which is not found in other boat rides in Sri Lanka. The toruists pass two mangrove lagoons during the Bentota River safari, which makes the travellers very happy and gives them a rare opportunity to see a true mangove vegetation. The mangrove lagoon of mangrove of the Bentota River is approximately three times longer and more compact in comparison to the mangrove lagoon of the Madu estuary. Thus, if you have a preference for observing captivating mangrove trees, the Bentota River is a superior choice when compared to the Madu River.

Which is considered the most superior boat safari in Bentota ?

The Bentota river safari occurs in the beach resort of Bentota, which is one of the most popular destinations for Sri Lanka beach holidays. The explorers embark on a boat tour towards the inland of the island, navigating along the Bentota river. The boat tour commences at Bentota beach, in close proximity to the confluence of the river and the sea.

Bentota River Safari

If you are looking for a boat trip in Bentota, on the western coast of Sri Lanka, you will undoubtedly be considering which boat tour to choose in order to have the most exceptional experience. This coastal city is a renowned beach holiday resort on the island, drawing in a large number of sun worshippers. Usually, the nearby tourist attractions, such as Madu River Estaury and Galle Fort,  are on the bucket list of most tourists who choose Bentota Beach for their beach stay. Thus, many beach holiday enthusiasts often go on several short trips during their stay, such as a boat tour or safari, Galle Day Tour, Colombo City Tour, and Udawalawe Safari. which are among the popular activities available to them.

The Madu River estuary and the Bentota River are the two primary locations for boat tours in Bentota. Both tours exhibit numerous similarities. Both destinations share numerous similarities in terms of cost, duration, type of boat utilized for the excursion, and even the vegetation. Nevertheless, the majority of travelers prefer the boat excursion on the Bentota river rather than the Madu River estuary. As a local tour operator who has personally experienced both tours, I concur with their viewpoint. If you are currently facing difficulty and struggling to choose the best place for your boat excursion, this post is specifically tailored to address your concerns as well.

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Exploring the Mangrove lagoon

The boat journey offers a remarkable experience with the presence of a mangrove lagoon, which is unique and not found in other boat trips in Sri Lanka. The boat transports you through two mangrove tunnels; yet, the mangrove tunnel of the Bentota River is approximately three times longer and more compact in comparison to the mangrove tunnels of the Madu estuary. Thus, if you have a preference for observing the captivating flora of mangrove forests, the Bentota River is a superior choice when comparing to the Madu River.

Bentota is predominantly a location for beach vacations.

Bentota is indisputably the most prominent beach resort in Sri Lanka, drawing the largest contingent of beach holiday lovers in the country. This beach is well favored for day excursions in Sri Lanka. Bentota is perhaps the most deserving beach holiday location in Sri Lanka due to the possession of all the necessary elements. This renowned coastal destination offers immaculate shorelines, scuba diving locations, aquatic sports hubs, dining establishments, pubs, coffee shops, markets, temples, historical landmarks, a diverse selection of lodging options, recreational pursuits, and numerous additional amenities.

The Bentota River

The Bentota River is a significant geographical landmark in Bentota and a well-liked destination for day tours from Colombo and hotels along the west coast of Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, the Bentota boat safari lacks the same level of popularity as the Bentota beach resort. The significance of this particular location is sometimes disregarded because of its close proximity to the more well-known Madu riverboat estuary, which is the most sought-after destination for River safaris on the island. Typically, a one-day trip from Colombo to Bentota sometimes includes a boat excursion. However, the boat ride typically takes place at the Madu estuary rather than the Bentota river.
There are numerous locations on the island where one can discover and study the diverse and abundant plant and animal life found in rivers. The Madu river estuary and Muthurajawela wetland are the two most renowned wetlands in Sri Lanka for boat excursions. The Bentota River safari may not be as widely recognized as the aforementioned destinations, but it boasts a natural splendor that rivals any of them.

Which river safari is superior: Madu River Safari or Bentota River Safari?

Based on my extensive experience, I have frequently taken boat tours on both the Bentota River and the Madu estuary. In my opinion, the boat tour at Bentota is significantly more appealing than the boat trips at the Madu River and Muthurajawela due to its abundant and diverse wildlife and plant life. If you have an interest in observing untamed creatures such as crocodiles and monkeys, the Bentota River Safari offers the most favorable opportunity compared to any other boat excursion in Sri Lanka.

What is the most renowned boat safari in Bentota?

Without any dilemma,Madu Riverboat safari is the most famous. As a result, the majority of travelers choose to go on the boat tour of Madu River. Travelers can observe a significant multitude of boats traversing the Madu estuary at any given time due to its widespread appeal. During the boat tour, it is possible to come across numerous motorboats moving back and forth. Owing to the escalated human activity along the river in recent years, it has been arduous to observe numerous animal species in the area. Consequently, sighting animals such as crocodiles, monitors, and monkeys may prove to be challenging.

The Bentota boat tour is somewhat less renowned than the Madu River boat safari, resulting in a considerably lower presence of human activities and sightseers in comparison to the Madu estuary. The Bentota river’s natural ecosystems experience significantly less disruption compared to the natural environment of the Madu estuary. Moreover, there are enough prospects to observe a diverse array of animal species, including crocodiles, snakes, monitor lizards, monkeys, and a plethora of birds.

Experience the Bentota River Safari departing from Bentota Beach.

If you want to stay at a beach resort on the west coast of Sri Lanka and have an interest in taking a boat ride, you have two options: the Madu River and the Bentota River. The proximity of the rivers is rather close, with the Madu River being the more popular choice among travelers, while the Bentota River receives far fewer visitors compared to the Madu River.

Exploring the Bentota River by boat via the Mangrove tunnel.

The term “mangrove tunnel” refers to a specific natural form towering mangrove trees that extend hundreds of feet above the bay’s water surface are what form the mangrove tunnel. tunnel made of mangrove would indeed be considered unusual. Despite its unusual nature, one can observe a mangrove tunnel while on a boat excursion. The boat is navigated through the mangrove tunnel.

The mangrove tunnel is created by towering mangrove trees that extend several hundred feet above the water surface of the bay. The colossal mangrove trees inhabit the shallow and muddy surface of the river bank. The roots of mangrove trees protrude into the air and function as nasal passages, facilitating the absorption of air into the tree’s system.

During both the Madu River boat safari and the Bentota River boat safari, you will come across mangrove bays. However, the mangrove forest at Bentota river, which resembles a tunnel in shape, is significantly larger than the tunnel discovered in the Madu river estuary. The Mangrove tunnel in Bentota River reaches heights of several hundred feet in certain sections and has a width of approximately 20 feet. The length of the tunnel in the Bentota River is around 200 meters, and it typically takes around 10 minutes to get from one end to the other in a motorboat.

Nevertheless, the mangrove tunnel in the Madu river estuary is somewhat smaller and less appealing in comparison to the tunnel discovered in the Bentota River. In addition, the Bentota River is significantly broader and has a greater depth compared to the Madu River estuary. It is worth noting that the Bentota River ranks as the fifth largest river in Sri Lanka. Nevertheless, the Madu estuary is both smaller and shallower than the Bentota River. The Madu River estuary contains a total of 64 islands of different sizes, while the Bentota River does not have any islands and is bordered by the mainland. Another unique feature of Bentota river is its enormous mangrove trees that tower on either side of a water stream that empties into the Bentota River.

Plant and animal life

The flora present in these places is largely same. However, in terms of fauna, the Bentota river offers a greater diversity compared to the Madu estuary. During a boat journey along Bentota River, it is common to observe many wildlife species such as crocodiles, water monitors, land monitors, snakes, monkeys, and a diverse range of avian fauna. The water monitor is the predominant species in the Madu estuary, making it exceedingly improbable to encounter crocodiles, snakes, and monkeys on a boat excursion in the area.

Cost of Bentota River safari

The cost of the Bentota River safari is equal to the Madu River Safari. An-hour Bentota River Safari cost is $50, while the 2-hour Bentota River safari costs is $75. The fee is excluding transportation and guidance.

How can I make a reservation for the Bentota river safari?

Please contact us by phone at 009477440977 or by email at

You have the option to reserve the Bentota river safari as an independent excursion, which includes only the boat ride, or you may choose to combine it with many other itineraries. Travellers have the option to arrange the Bentota river safari either with or without a transfer from their hotel in Colombo. If you are staying in Colombo, please note that you should depart from the hotel approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes before the boat journey in order to accommodate for the transfer. Staying in a hotel in Bentota would require approximately 15-20 minutes of travel time to reach the boat trip’s starting point from your accommodation.

Typically, our travel packages to the south coast and west coast, such as the southern Sri Lanka tour, Galle day tour from Colombo, and Bentota one-day tour, always include a boat excursion either on the Madu river or the Bentota river.

What time does the Bentota river safari commence?

The Bentota boat excursion is available for booking and may be done at any time of the day. However, it is advisable to begin the journey in the early hours if you are interested in observing rare bird species. The early morning boat excursion is highly recommended as it affords the opportunity to observe a diverse array of avian species, as well as encounter several other untamed wildlife like as crocodiles, monkeys, snakes, and monitors.

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