Road trip in Sri Lanka

A few key components should be part of any road trip in Sri Lanka if it is to be a perfect tour itinerary. Naturally, you can add most of those interesting sights to your road trip in Sri Lanka with careful planning, even if you might not be able to include all the important sights and activities. You have to choose the sites and places representing the Sri Lanka cultural triangle, Sri Lankan hill country, wildlife reserves and prime beaches. A road trip in Sri Lanka needs to be carefully planned if it is to be successful. Continue to read this blog post to help you choose the best road trip itinerary in Sri Lanka.

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Road trip in Sri Lanka

UNESCO World Heritage sites, ancient Buddhist temples, wildlife reserves, immaculate beaches, rainforests, and scenic Sri Lankan hill country are just a few of the stunning and dramatic tourist destinations you should give serious thought to seeing on a road trip in Sri Lanka. A large number of tourists frequent these locations. But the island boasts thousands of off-the-beaten-path tourist destinations in addition to well-known ones like the Sigiriya rock fortification and tooth relic temple. This blog article presents a number of tourist destinations that you may easily include in your next road trip in Sri Lanka.

How would you arrange the ideal road trip in Sri Lanka?

If the road trip in Sri Lanka is to be a balanced experience, it should include a few essential elements. Naturally, with careful preparation, it won’t be difficult to include most of those fascinating things into your road trip in Sri Lanka, even if you might not be able to incorporate all the significant activities and locations. Careful planning of your road trip in Sri Lanka is essential for the success of your trip. To help you arrange the ideal road trip itinerary in Sri Lanka, keep reading this blog post.

Is Sri Lanka a safe holiday destination?

The most welcome news for the current generation on the island was the conclusion of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009. It was the biggest blow to the island in the past, causing huge losses to the country in terms of civilians and having a negative impact on the island’s economy. Despite the civil war, economic downturn and COVID-19, more than ten years later, Sri Lanka remains one of the best tourism destinations in the world.

Important reading to plan your Road trip in Sri Lanka

  • Adventure trip Kithulgala Water Rafting Package
  • Road trip to Sri Lanka upcountry with Kandy
  • Road trip to Kandy from Colombo and Bentota
  • 2 Days Kandy-Nuwara Eliya road trip
  • The Essence of Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle: Kandy and Sigiriya Tour
  • Sri Lanka road trip to Cultural Triangle
  • Adventure Lanka road trip: Sri Lanka 5 Nights Tour

What are the important things to be added to the Sri Lanka road trip itinerary?

  1. Cultural triangle of Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa.
  2. A national park-Yala, Udawalawe, and Wilpattu.
  3. Hill stations: Nuwara Eliya, Bandarawela, and Haputale.
  4. Beaches on the West Coast, southern coast or east coast
  5. Galle Fortress.
  6. Bit of adventure—whitewater rafting, trekking.

8 travel routes for your upcoming Sri Lanka road trip

  1. Sri Lanka road tour on the route Colombo-Kataragama:.
  2. Sri Lanka trip from Colombo to Matara Expressway:.
  3. Traveling from Colombo to Nuwara Eliya via Kitulgala:.
  4. Sri Lanka road trip from Colombo to Arugam Bay via Kandy.
  5. The road trip of Sri Lanka on the travel route Colombo to Anuradhapura via Puttalam.
  6. Road trip from Colombo to Trincomalee via Dambulla.
  7. Sri Lanka travels from Colombo to Kandy.
  8. The road trip of Sri Lanka from Colombo to Rathnapu

7 useful ideas if you are looking for a short Sri Lanka road trip

  • Adventure trip Kithulgala Water Rafting Package
  • Road trip to Sri Lanka upcountry with Kandy
  • Road trip to Kandy from Colombo and Bentota
  • 2 Days Kandy-Nuwara Eliya road trip
  • The Essence of Sri Lanka Cultural Triangle: Kandy and Sigiriya Tour
  • Sri Lanka road trip to Cultural Triangle
  • Adventure Lanka road trip: Sri Lanka 5 Nights Tour

Taking a road trips in Sri Lanka is the ideal way to see this amazing tropical island, and I think that every road trip should be meticulously arranged to showcase the nation’s historical, cultural, and natural treasures. In order to assist tourists seeking information to organize an unforgettable holiday in Sri Lanka, this blog article about road excursions in Sri Lanka is intended.

What are the best places for one-day road trips in Sri Lanka?

1: Negombo, 37 kilometers from Colombo, takes an hour to get there.

2: Colombo city tour

3: Kandy, 117 kilometers from Colombo, takes three hours to get to.

4: Wilpattu National Park, three hours by car from Colombo.

5: Galle: Two hours by car, 126 kilometers from Colombo

What are the best destinations for a 2-day Sri Lanka road trip?

There are dozens of 2-day trip places in Sri Lanka, however, we have filtered out only 5 places as destinations for a Sri Lanka 2-day road trip.

Nuwara Eliya

Nuwara Eliya, 175 kilometers from Colombo: This 2-day Sri Lanka road trip allows you to visit many interesting places, including the elephant orphanage, tooth relic temple, tea plantations, tea factory, Gregory Lake, Nuwara Eliya, and Seetha temple.

Yala National Park,

Yala National Park, 281 kilometers from Colombo: the 2-day Sri Lanka road trip to Yala allows you to visit many places on the south coast of Sri Lanka and the west coast of Sri Lanka. Yala National Park, Hikkaduwa, Galle, Tangalle, Kataragama, and many other fascinating locations can be seen throughout the two-day trip.


Polonnaruwa, 225 kilometers from Colombo: One of the most visited ancient cities on the island, Polonnaruwa boasts many dozens of historical sites. Prominent displays in the old city include the old temples, palaces, statues, parks, and hospitals.


Kitulgala, 102 kilometres from Colombo: Along with birdwatching and a rainforest hike in Kitulgala, this two-day trip includes whitewater rafting. The road trip also covers the elephant orphanages at Pinnawala and Kandy.


Mirissa beach, 150 kilometres from Colombo: Visits to Hikkaduwa, Mirissa beach, Madu estuary, Galle fort, and a whale-watching tour off Mirissa are part of this Sri Lanka 2-day road trip.


Anuradhapura, 200 kilometers from Colombo: Tucked away 200 kilometers from Colombo, Anuradhapura is the most ancient city in Sri Lanka. Anuradhapura, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Kandy and Polonnaruwa are all part of this three-day road trip in Sri Lanka. Mainly, the significant religious and cultural sites of Sri Lanka’s cultural triangle are covered on this three-day road trip. Among the other things you may do on this vacation are attend a cookery lesson, take a sigiriya village tour, attend a Kandyan cultural presentation, and go on safaris in Minneriya and Kaudulla.


Kandy, 117 km from Colombo: The entry point to the hill country of Sri Lanka, Kandy is one of the most popular holiday spots in Sri Lanka The many tourism sites in Kandy attract a lot of tourists every day. Among the tourist favorites are the tooth relic temple, the royal botanical garden, the Pinnawala elephant orphanage, the cultural show, the museums, the tea gardens, and the many stores. In addition, the three-day trip to Kandy includes a plethora of additional tourist destinations, including the royal botanical garden, Kandyan cultural show, elephant orphanage, and tooth relic temple.


Polonnaruwa, 225 kilometers from Colombo: second-oldest city in Sri Lanka, draws a lot of tourists. Many dozens of historic buildings, including temples, palaces, stupas, gardens, audience halls, and many more, can be found in the old city of Polonnaruwa.


Yala, 166 kilometers away from Colombo: Sri Lanka’s most visited national park for wildlife trips is Yala National Park in the south. Yala wildlife tours are much sought after from beach resorts on the west coast and from Colombo. Starting in Colombo, this three-day wildlife tour takes in a number of fascinating locations, including Yala, Galle Fort, Mirissa, Hikkaduwa, the Madu River Estuary, and Bentota.

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach, 150 kilometers from Colombo: Leisure travellers used to frequent the southern Sri Lankan seaside town of Mirissa as a hideaway. Nowadays, nevertheless, Mirissa is well-known for whale viewing as well as beach vacations. This Road trip in Sri Lanka to Mirissa gives you enough of time for a relaxed beach vacation in addition to the opportunity to see a lot of blue whales and other sea creatures.


Sigiriya, 175-kilometer from Colombo, Tucked away 75 miles from Colombo is Sigiriya. The primary draw of Sigiriya is the 5th-century palace complex known as Sigiriya Rock Fort. Numerous UNESCO world heritage sites surround Sigiriya, which is located in the center of the Sri Lankan cultural triangle. Because Sigiriya offers easy access to many fascinating locations, including temples, animal reserves, sections of forests, quint villages, and colonial cities, it is the perfect location for a three-day road trip in Sri Lanka.

Sri Lankan trips that last more than 3 days

Planning an extended multi-day road trip in Sri Lanka, such a 10-day, 14-day, or 21-day trip, allows you to see a lot of the island’s tourist sites. A 10-day Sri Lanka trip allows guests to travel through the island without any rush. At the same time, tourists may allocate a few days to spend leisurely on the pristine beaches towards the end of the trip.

A list of tourist attractions that can be added to a road trip that lasts more than a week

  • Colombo
  • Negombo
  • Cultural triangle sites (Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, Minneriya, Pidurangala)
  • Hill country toruist resorts (Kandy, Nuwara Eliya, Ella)
  • South-east of Sri Lanka (Yala National Park, Udawalawe National Park, Kataragama, Tangalle, Mirissa, Unawatuna, Bentota,)
  • West coast beach resorts ( Hikkaduwa, Galle, West Coast of Sri Lanka)
  • East coast Sri Lanka (Nilaveli, Trincomalee, Pasikudah, Kalkudah, and Aru Gam Bay)

What is the best route for my Sri Lanka road trip?

Mainly, there are two popular travel routes among tourists: the Sri Lankan southern travel route and the Sri Lankan northern travel route. The weather pattern largely determines the best route for Sri Lanka. From May to October, the northern route is the most suitable travel route, and from November to April, the southern route is the best travel route for the Sri Lanka road trip.

Sri Lanka road trip on northern route

November through April is when the southern route is most recommended for travel. This tour will take the visitor to the south and west coasts of Sri Lanka, the cultural triangle, and hill country.

Sri Lankan road trip via the north

The northern path is best enjoyed between May and October. Mainly covered on the tour are the east coast, cultural triangle, and hill country of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka as a holiday destination

Though the island is small, the nation is vast as a tourist destination. Century-old archeological monuments, immaculate beaches, and amazing scenery characterize the nation. With 21 million inhabitants, the island, which is tucked away on the southernmost point of India, is hard to believe that someone would easily pass it up in favour of other Asian tourist spots.

History of Sri Lanka

The Vedda community has been living on the island of Sri Lanka since the Stone Age, many thousands of years ago. The nation saw two stages of the stone age: pre-pottery and pottery. Near Balangoda lived the Homo sapiens Balangodensis, a stone-age human. Ever since, humans have lived on the island continually.

This island is among the few in the world where people have lived continuously since the Stone Age. Along with a large number of stone tools and animal parts, archaeologists have discovered numerous additional items that these ancient humans used. Most Sri Lankan road trips include a cultural triangle in the country’s central province, where visitors may view relics from the country’s rich historical past.

Sri Lanka during the colonial Era

The Portuguese, Dutch, and British ruled the island for about 400 years. Still, in the fifteenth century, Arab tradesmen began coming to the island. The colonial government on the island began in 1505 with the arrival of the Portuguese and lasted for about 400 years.

Administration of Portuguese, Dutch and English

There are many colonial remnants in the nation, particularly along the coastal belt; the most frequent ones include palaces, churches, fortifications, and aqueducts. The Portuguese ruled the kingdom from 1505 AD to 1656 AD, and the Dutch ruled it from 1656 AD until 1796 AD.

Bloodshed-free, the British took over Dutch control in 1796 AD and continued to do so until 1948 AD. Having been a British Empire member and ally, Sri Lanka lost a great deal of people in the Second World War. The strategic significance of the island led to heavy Japanese bombing of much of Sri Lanka.

Exploring Colonial Reminiscences

There are many significant colonial tourist sites, such churches and forts, dispersed around the island, so you definitely require a multi-day Sri Lanka road trip to fully visit the island. But the majority of those colonial remnants are dispersed over the low-country, or beachside, where the longest colonial authority was in place. Among the famous tourist sites are Galle Fort, Trincomalee Fort, and Wolvendaal Church.

During their Sri Lanka road tour, visitors may easily access any part of the island thanks to one of the best road networks in the area. Taxis, public buses, railroads, self-driven cars, and TUK TUKs are just a few of the many ways that visitors can learn about the island.

Getting around in Sri Lanka during the road trip

The priciest yet most efficient kind of transportation is a cab. The greatest option for your success on a Sri Lanka road trip is if you are short on time and want to see and experience as much as you can. The best way to start your road trip and get a high return on investment is with a private car driven by a local. Comparatively speaking to most other countries in the area, taxi fares are reasonable on the island. A taxi will set you back 150 rupees for each kilometer, but there are more fees if you keep the car for a few days.

One of the options for you is public transportation like buses and trains if you are not concerned about time and are thinking about cutting costs. By comparing it to what you would have to spend for a taxi, you save a lot of money. Comparing TUK TUK to other options, it is best suited for short journeys and not for a multi-day road trip in Sri Lanka.

Although self-driven cars are available in Sri Lanka, tourists should not use them because they find it difficult to drive in Sri Lanka as they are not familiar with the traffic and roads. Therefore, the best way to see the island is to drive with a local driver.

Tour of Sri Lanka by car: discovering the Cultural Triangle

Being regarded as the island’s cultural hub, Kandy is a must-see destination on every road trip across Sri Lanka. Up until the Kandyan Kingdom was given over to the British crown in 1796, Kandy served as both the capital and the seat of government. Many of the ancient buildings constructed by the Kandy monarchs are still in excellent condition. A UNESCO world heritage site, the historic district of the city is home to several well-known structures and monuments, including museums, Hindu shrines, and Buddhist temples.

The three points of the cultural triangle—Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, and Kandy are architecturally magnificent. Not only are cultural sites abounding, but so are numerous other significant natural features, including national parks, mountains, and forests. Visit farmland, kayak in a village tank, ride a bullock cart, or even take a cooking lesson in a country home. If you can, drop by a village school; seeing the kids there will be the highlight of the day, and the kids love seeing the visitors.

First stop on the road trip of Sri Lanka: Anuradhapura

For most tourists, who begin their road journey from Colombo (an airport) and decide to explore the island historically, Anuradhapura is their first stop. One may spend months discovering the artistic and technical achievements of the ancient inhabitants of Anuradhapura, a real cultural and historical center.

What is visible at Anuradhapura?

The old city of Anuradhapura is home to hundreds of temples, palaces, ponds, Buddha statues, and hospitals constructed many centuries ago. These places have been designated as world heritage sites.

Entering Anuradhapura, you get the impression that you are in an archeological zoo because there are so many antique buildings all around you. Bicycles are a highly recommended way to get around and enjoy this artistic and historical gem. It gives you simple access to every monument and enables you to travel swiftly.

Anuradhapura is a great place because you can freely and at your own speed admire the precious historical landmark. Even if Anuradhapura draws a lot of people, you will miss most of the audience because they are dispersed over a big region. The historical sites in Anuradhapura are far older than those in Polonnaruwa and Kandy. Over two thousand years have passed since some of the items were made.

Can I make Polonnaruwa my destination for my road trip around Sri Lanka?

This road trip brings you to Polonnaruwa, another architecturally rich town with a lot of antiques from the 13th century, after Anuradhapura. The most ancient buildings in this amazing walled city are attributed to King Vijayabahu, Nissanka Malla, and Parakramabahu. Comparing the ancient ruins discovered at Polonnaruwa to those discovered in Anuradhapura, the former are in far better shape and much younger.

Can a Sri Lankan road trip include stops at Sigiriya and Dambulla?

Can one do a road trip in Sri Lanka and see Sigiriya and Dambulla?Among tourists, this is a frequently asked question. Numerous tourists are quite eager to see these UNESCO world heritage sites. As such, Sigiriya and Dambulla are a must-see for most visitors to Sri Lanka, particularly if you arrange a multi-day road trip.

Sigiriya rock fortress

A further world heritage site, the Sigiriya rock stronghold dates back to the fifth century AD. One of Asia’s oldest planned gardens, Sigiriya is a stop on most road excursions that are arranged for visitors to Sri Lanka.

Why does the temple in the Dambulla caves matter?

Missing Dambulla Golden Cave Temple makes a trip to the cultural triangle incomplete. With roots dating back to the first century B.C., this is among the oldest temples on the island and in the surrounding area. Five roomy granite caverns clinging to the mountain’s southern slope make up the temple.

You may still view many old paintings and statues as you meander through the tunnels of this UNESCO world heritage site after a difficult but worthwhile climb to the temple. The temple has been adorned with elaborately patterned ceiling murals in natural hues for many generations.

Here are hundreds of Buddha sculptures and divine figures from various historical eras. The chief incumbent of the Dambulla temple oversees and is in charge of the temple under the archeological department. Every foreign tourist is assessed a $10 admission fee.

Tooth relic temple in Sri Lanka

A further highlight of the three corners of the Cultural Triangle is Kandy. Unlike Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, which scarcely exhibit any vestiges of colonial influence, Kandy is a far younger historical site with a longer colonial legacy.

Because of its unique mountaineering terrain and significantly milder temperature than the lowland parts of the nation, Kandy is one of the most popular holiday spots on the island.

Kandy should take center stage on your agenda if you enjoy natural sights like rivers, woods, waterfalls, and mountains. Recall seeing Dalada Maligwa, the sacred sanctuary of the tooth relic. With so many dancers and drummers performing for more than an hour, the Kandy cultural show might be a delightful surprise for you and offer a really unique feel.

Wildlife tours

With so many national parks like Minneriya and Yala, there is also a plethora of wildlife here. For the best way to see this island’s amazing wildlife on your Sri Lanka road trip, do a safari in a wildlife park.

Which national parks are suitable for wildlife tours?

There are many dozens of national parks in Sri Lanka, and most of them can provide you with lifelong animal encounters. But taking into account the busiest tourist routes, I would want to recommend animal reserves.

  • National park of Minneriya
  • National Park of Kaduella
  • Eco Park habarana
  • National park of Yala
  • National park of Udawalawe

The cultural triangle of Sri Lanka offers three well-known locations for an intriguing safari: Minneriya, Kaudulla, and the eco-park. Within the cultural triangle lie these national parks. These national parks are close to the cultural attractions, hence, they can be readily included in a road trip throughout Sri Lanka while touring the cultural triangle. It is time to enjoy some nature after seeing so many historical and cultural sites.

Take a wildlife tour at Yala in the far south of Sri Lanka if you want the best wildlife tour available. Travelers can see a variety of species at Yala, the most well-known wildlife reserve, including leopards, elephants, jackals, bears, and more.

Sri Lanka hill country train trip

The nation boasts a highly developed train system that enables visitors to visit several significant island cities. Most tourists decide between the train trip along the coast or the hill country. Nevertheless, the train ride through the hilly area is superior to the rail trip along the coast line in terms of natural beauty.

The most ideal route for leisure visitors hoping to take in the stunning scenery of the island is the upcountry railway track between Kandy and Ella. The lovely green slopes offer stunning views.

There are no justifications to miss this 4-6-hour show as the train slowly travels from Kandy into the high-altitude regions by tea gardens, vegetable fields, tunnels, bits of woods, over bridges and stunning countryside.

How to reserve train seats

Train seats can be booked online as well as through the travel agents.

Visiting Nuwara Eliya on your Sri Lanka road trip

Probably the next stop on your Sri Lanka road tour is Nuwara Eliya; the drive uphill through the highlands and tea farms will provide you with a lot of breathtaking sights. The most visited hill station on the island, Nuwara Eliya, is situated in a valley far above 1800 meters above sea level and is renowned for its healing climate and seductive countryside.

Starting in the early 1800s during the British government, Nuwara Eliya has been a well-liked holiday spot for many years. Nuwara Eliya is regarded as having the best therapeutic environment even now.

Adding a bit of adventure to your Sri Lanka road trip

If you want to take an interesting route through Nuwara Eliya, you have to veer off the main highway. You will be well on your way to Kitulgala, the primary adventure sports facility on the island, if you take the first right after passing Nuwara Eliya. There are a tonne of hiking, adventure, and natural trails, as well as caving routes, waterfalls, rivers, and jungles, at your disposal.

Sri Lanak road trip through the southern route

Yala, Udawalwe, and Bundala are among the national parks you come upon as you descend from Nuwara Eliya; you may easily become lost in the fauna. The southernmost religious center of the island is Kataragama temple, where adherents of all three religions congregate for religious events.

Yala national Park jeep Safari

The southernmost point of the island is Yala National Park. Having the greatest concentration of leopards in a particular land area of its size, it is one of the best locations in the world to observe them. Here are many different bird species in addition to leopards, elephants, bears, deer, crocodiles, wild buffaloes, monkeys, and jackals.

Since it is so far from Colombo, the southern coastal region is not usually included in Sri Lankan road journeys lasting more than seven days. Should Yala National Park be excluded from the road trip, Minneriya or any other national park in the central province can be chosen. The majority of road trips lasting one week or less do not pass through Sri Lanka’s southern region because it is so far away from Colombo.

Visiting Galle fort on Sri Lanka road trip

Although you may have wasted at least five days of your journey since beginning your road trip from Colombo to Sri Lanka, take a tour of Galle. Don’t miss the Galle Fort, one of the region’s best-preserved Dutch colonial fortifications and a world heritage site. With an amazing vantage point to capture stunning sunset photos, Star Bastion overlooks the sea.

Galle Fort is a melting pot of architecture where you may see a lot of different-styled homes, churches, hotels, museums and galleries. The Dutch architecture is most well-known, though, and it includes a sizable collection of structures that were left over from the Dutch government in the nation.

Being one of the best-preserved forts in the area, this majestic structure dates back to the fifteenth century. From 1656 until 1796, it functioned as the principal stronghold of the Dutch inhabitants of the island. Within this walled city are many homes, churches, stores, eateries, hotels, museums, and galleries. Now the most visited tourist destination on the island, Galle Fort is a UNESCO world heritage site.

When traveling through Sri Lanka, stop to see the whales.

Both in the eastern region of the island and in the southern section of Sri Lanka, off the harbors of Mirissa and Dewundara, whale-watching trips are provided. On the west coast, whale-watching trips are accessible from May to October; on the east coast, they are a very seasonal pastime only available from November to April. The visitors can see blue whales up close just outside their door with the whale watching excursions.

During your Sri Lanka road trip, if you spend an overnight in the south, you may get the chance to see blue whales off Mirissa or Duwundara. A tour operator can sell you a whale-watching ticket for $40.00 per person, which includes breakfast provided on board. Every day throughout the season, the vessels depart early (06.00 hrs) from either the fishing harbours in Mirissa or Devundara. Whale viewing cruises are offered by many boat owners, however, to ensure a spot on a vessel, reservations of seats in advance are strongly advised.

Sri Lanka’s road trip and the beach vacation

In northwest Sri Lanka, the whole stretch of the ocean from Galle to Chilaw is well-known for tourism; fishing and toddy are two more important sectors that provide for the locals. If your road trip to Sri Lanka is scheduled for the six months beginning in November, you can enjoy a beach vacation in this region of the nation.

When would be the ideal time to take a road trip to Sri Lanka?

A car journey in Sri Lanka is thought to be best enjoyed between November and April. This time of year, the monsoon rains avoid a great portion of the island. For this reason, a Sri Lanka tour would be appropriate to see the south coast, west coast, hill country, and cultural triangle. But because of the intense rain, the same time frame makes it unsuitable to visit the east coast.

Trip to Sri Lanka by road in April through November

Beach resorts like Nilaweli, Pasikudah, Kalkudah, and Batticaloa are the best choices with dry weather, calm and safe sea without underwater current if you want to have your Sri Lanka road trip from November to April. The sea around the country’s west and south is not ideal for sea bathing, diving, snorkeling, or other aquatic activities during this time of year because of the strong winds and choppy waves that frequently accompany monsoon rain.

Sri Lankan road trip as a package tour: the beauty of the country

Most of the sites mentioned above can be seen on a seven-day road trip through Sri Lanka (Sri Lanka beauty). Although this road trip to Sri Lanka allows the travelers to see a lot of country (assuming they drive a private vehicle), they still miss a few locations, including beaches on the east coast, the hiking trails in Ella and Kitulgala, and northern Sri Lanka.

All-inclusive, a seven-day road trip in Sri Lanka costs US$ 590 per person when sharing a room in middle-class hotels (4*). Still, you might cut costs by going for a less expensive type of lodging. The package includes two meals a day (breakfast and supper), air-conditioned, cozy rooms with private bathrooms with hot and cold water, twin beds, a tea and coffee maker and an outdoor swimming pool. Being a private trip, participants get a local driver/guide in their own car.

Most road vacations in Sri Lanka follow the same path, visiting the cultural triangle in the center province, tea estates upcountry, and beaches and safaris in the south near the finish. Every road trip has paid extras that can be combined however the traveler sees fit.

Write us at for further details on this road trip schedule or any other tour package.

Which seven-day Sri Lanka road vacation plan is the best one?

  • Day 1: Colombo/Sigiriya
  • Day 2: Polinaruwa/Sigiriya
  • Day 3: Dambulla/Kandy/Sigiriya
  • Day 4: Kandy/Nuwara Eliya
  • Day 5: Nuwara Eliya/Yala
  • Day 6: Yala/Bentota
  • Day 7: Bentota/Colombo

The seven-day road trip to Sri Lanka has a complete schedule and booking available here.

Map of the grandeur of Sri Lanka: 7-day road tour

A self-guided Sri Lanka road tour

Though I have written several articles on solo travel in Sri Lanka, please check these two articles, as they may provide you with some information about your solo adventure. Sri Lanka is not a tough country to visit alone. There is not much information regarding lodging and other visitor amenities.

The Colombo tourist board maintains two websites where you might be able to find some information ( A tourist information centre operated by the tourist board is quite helpful if this is your first time visiting the island. You can get some broad information to help you organize your road trip to Sri Lanka. The tourism board should be your first point of contact if you run across any problems while traveling; they will assist you in finding a solution.

Getting Information for your road trip around Sri Lanka

Although they offer relatively little information, the websites of TripAdvisor and Lonely Planet are also quite useful for obtaining the basic details you need to organize your road trip to Sri Lanka, such transportation and entrance costs.

Figuring out the costs for lodging, transportation, admission, etc. may be challenging because of the absence of information for visitors, but blogs and internet portals will be helpful resources to get some information.

Though some do charge as much as 15%–25% commission from the travelers, there are several online portals that offer the ability to arrange lodging, transportation, and tourist tours. Since local tour operators do receive a unique discounted rate from the local lodging provider—discounts that are not posted online—they are the best option for booking the lodging you need. Generally speaking, package tours come with reduced prices.

Regarding transportation for your road trip in Sri Lanka, using public transportation to get to the most fascinating locations is a difficult challenge, hence, tourists must hire service taxis. Though it is not very common, traveling alone on the island is entirely permitted. Life is lot easier if you’ve been a solitary traveller before.

Contact the Sri Lanka Tourist Board.

Make a 1912 call from any island phone.

The head office of Sri Lanka Tourism

Gale Road, No. 80, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka.

+94 440001 / 2426984; +94 112426900

Important advice for the road trip in Sri Lanka

Avoid pipe born water

One-liter bottles of mineral water run about fifty cents USD, although the brand may vary in price. Most hotels give out two bottles of mineral water to each room every day at no additional cost; the room boy or girl places the bottles. One may even rinse their lips with running water. For locals, drinking tap water is safe; but, not for visitors. Microbes in the water could be unfamiliar to your body and could give you problems.

During the road trip to Sri Lanka, drinking lots of water is crucial.

During your Sri Lankan road journey, drinking enough of fluids is crucial to prevent dehydration. Being a tropical country, Sri Lanka is warm and humid, hence, one should drink at least one litre of water every day. This place sweats a lot, so add some minerals to your drink.

Driving to Sri Lanka and sipping king coconut

Try king coconut if you enjoy a cool and tasty beverage other than water. Everywhere in the nation, you can buy them. About one litre of liquids and a wealth of vitamins and minerals make up a coconut. One coconut costs fifty cents or so USD. Be sure the coconut is opened in front of you.

Visiting Sri Lankan Temples

All the temples on the island welcome visitors. When traveling the Sri Lankan road, one must always stop at a few Buddhist temples. The best way to learn about ordinary Sri Lankan life is, without a doubt, to visit a Buddhist temple. The Cultural Triangle is replete with historical sites, most of which are closely associated with Buddhism, so most of the historical sites there are considered holy sites.

A Buddhist temple has a few key pieces of information you should be aware of, including the appropriate attire. Please read my special page about Sri Lankan Buddhist temples and their rules and regulations, “13 RULES YOU MUST KNOW BEFORE ENTERING A BUDDHIST TEMPLE.”

What you should know about Sri Lankan cuisine.

If you have dinner outside the hotel, try to stay away from salads and peeled fruits. Steer clear of the food offered on meal carts at the side, especially the salads and peeled fruits. They can give you stomachaches and other symptoms, which are particularly typical in foreign visitors. Considering how dubious the hygiene of the food is locally,.

Eating curry and rice on the Sri Lankan road trip

Eating rice and curry, for example, is an exception; it won’t harm you because curry is made with a variety of spices, including pepper, chilli, cinnamon, saffron, and cumin seeds, all of which have germ-killing qualities. It is advised, therefore, to have your dinner in a spotless, attractive restaurant.

Eating local food in Sri Lanka

One of the most fascinating things for tourists visiting a new nation is to eat the local cuisine. But you really should stay away from such meals if they are dangerous and might make you ill. As long as the food is cooked to hygienic standards and kept properly, one can enjoy local cuisine even in Sri Lanka. We are not talking about the food sold by street sellers, which is exposed to the dusty breeze and car exhaust, but the cuisine served in tourist board-registered restaurants or hotels.

Keep mosquitoes away from yourself

Avoiding mosquito bites is easy. Just a few easy procedures must be followed. Being a tropical nation, Sri Lanka is home to mosquitoes everywhere, however, they are more common in low-lying areas like the beach area, Colombo, and the cultural triangle. Mostly, mosquitoes bite in the late evening and at night. To prevent mosquito bites if you spend the evening outside the hotel, apply mosquito repellent.

The cleaning staff can provide you with a mosquito net if you notice any within the room. Another two efficient methods to repel mosquitoes are to run the ceiling fan and air conditioner all night.

How can you travel to Sri Lanka and keep your possessions safe?

If you are not there, never leave any valuables—money, jewelry, passports, or airline tickets—in the hotel room. The hotels do not bear any liability for misplaced belongings.

Sometimes, during their travels, tourists lose their worth. It is usually advised to keep items locked in the safe, and most hotels offer free safe boxes. Immediately notify the hotel management if anything is misplaced in the rooms. Should the hotel administration not be able to come up with a workable solution, you should head straight to the tourist policies, which are available at every police station.

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