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Traveling around southern Asia for three days is possible with a three-day Sri Lanka tour itinerary. The ancient city of Anuradhapura serves as a gateway to the modern metropolis of Colombo, where you can find over 1300 kilometers of beautiful beaches with pure water, the mighty Mahaweli River, intriguing culture, and some of the world’s kindest people. Make the most of your two-night, three-day trip. Get ready for more than you can take in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

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Three-day Sri Lanka tour itinerary

Southern Asia’s sights and sounds can be encountered via a Colombo tour package. Colombo, a rapidly developing metropolis of the twenty-first century situated beyond the illustrious heritage of Anuradhapura, boasts an expanse of over 1300 kilometres of unspoiled beaches adorned with tranquil water, the formidable Mahaweli River, an intriguing cultural milieu, and a populace regarded as among the most amiable globally. Appreciate your two-night, three-day Sri Lanka tour package. Prepare your belongings, for Colombo, Sri Lanka, is replete with unexpected delights that will surpass your capacity to cope.

When is the best time for a Three-day Sri Lanka tour itinerary?

Throughout the entire year, Sri Lanka is accessible to tourists. A beach vacation in Sri Lanka is enticing, but due to the unpredictability of the monsoon cycle, which can last for up to six months, extreme caution is advised. It is the monsoon’s origin that precipitation and turbulent waters are experienced in its native areas. From October to April, select the west and south coasts for a spectacular beach tour; from May to October, proceed to the east coast for a rain-free beach tour.

Three-day tour of Sri Lanka: November, December, and January

November through April are the peak tourist months in Colombo, Sri Lanka. At this time, the island experiences its highest volume of international visitors. The climate in Colombo is ideal for outdoor pursuits, with minimal humidity and little precipitation.

Travel itineraries to Sri Lanka may incur higher costs from November to April as a result of the country’s most visited period. Also during the height of the holiday season, hotels are often completely occupied, making it challenging to reserve a room in advance.

Colombo offers excellent discounts to off-season visitors from May to October. Off-season discounts on vacation packages may range from 25 to 50 percent off the price observed during the peak season. If you wish to avoid the throngs, you should consider travelling during the off-season. During this time, however, it is impossible to predict when it will rain, and heavy precipitation could occur at any moment.

Travelling throughout Sri Lanka: Three-day tour itinerary

Aside from the densely populated urban areas, travelling in Sri Lanka is a breeze. In general, congestion in the countryside is less severe than in urban centers such as Colombo and Kandy. Sri Lanka’s well-maintained highways are seldom traffic-congested outside of major urban areas. You should reserve a private vehicle with a local driver-guide to make the most of your two nights and three days in Colombo.

It is not advisable to travel by bus or train because the journey will consume a significant portion of your day. Both railroads and public buses frequently deviate from their scheduled routes. The amount of time required to travel between cities increases substantially. You have only three days to explore Colombo; therefore, it is critical that you utilise your time as efficiently as possible.

It is critical to arrange in advance accommodations, attractions, and transportation. Travelling to remote areas during your two nights and three days in Colombo may prove challenging, however, due to the rainy season.

In this section, we will discuss the three possible ways in which you can spend your two nights and 3 days in Sri Lanka. Every Colombo tour package that we offer has been meticulously designed to cater to an extensive array of interests.

  • Two-night, three-day package South coast of Colombo
  • Two-night, three-day package Hill country, Colombo-Kandy, and an ancient temple
  • Three-day, two-night Colombo-Kandy comprehensive tour of ancient cities

Two-night, three-day package; the south coast of Sri Lanka

Day:1 While the private tour to Sri Lanka commences in Colombo, there is flexibility regarding the starting point. The journey may commence in Negombo, Colombo, or any of the beach cities along the western coast of Sri Lanka . Your initial stop following your departure from Colombo will be the estuary of the Madu River, where you will embark on a two-hour boat tours. Upon the Madu River estuary, proceed to the sea turtle conservation project in Sri Lanka, where you will have the opportunity to observe and gain knowledge regarding five distinct species of endangered sea turtles. Afterward, proceed to Hikkaduwa. Lunch will be served at Hikkaduwa, which will be reached at the conclusion of the three excursions listed above. Wander the alleyways of Galle fort later in the day to admire the city’s magnificent architecture.

Staying overnight in Galle

Day:2 Proceed to the southern coast of Sri Lanka subsequent to an unhurried brunch in the morning. After that, proceed to Tissamaharama, the safari departure site for Yala National Park. Upon your arrival at the hotel, unwind. The safari through Yala National Park is scheduled to occur in the afternoon.

Staying overnight in Yala.

Day:3 An early morning journey across the country will take you to Ratnapura (alternatively referred to as “Rathnapura”), the gem capital of Sri Lanka, where you can visit a museum and gem mine. Make your way back to Colombo at night.

Two-night, three-day package Hill country, Colombo-Kandy, and an ancient temple

Day 1: The tour commences in Colombo as scheduled; nevertheless, due to the private nature of the excursion, the precise time and location of the pick-up remain solely determined by the group and their local driver/guide. Transportation charges may apply if you are situated in a location that is geographically distant from Colombo.

The journey will commence from Colombo to Kandy on the inaugural day. En route to Kandy, one must visit the Kandy Spice Garden and the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, both of which are significant attractions. It is highly probable that you will arrive in Kandy prior to lunchtime. The journey from Colombo to Kandy takes four hours, with an estimated one-hour diversion at each intermediate location.

You can stop for lunch on the way if you like, or wait until you’ve checked into your hotel and have lunch there. No lunch is provided in the itinerary; therefore, attendees are advised to coordinate their own lunch.

Unwind in the hotel pool prior to 5:00 pm when the second portion of the afternoon commences. Your hotel is situated in close proximity to the town centre, allowing you to reach it on foot without much difficulty. In the afternoon, visit the Kandyan cultural performance and the temple that contains the tooth relic.

An overnight stay in Kandy

Day 2: Following breakfast, the voyage commences at 8:00 AM and proceeds to Nuwara Eliya, a hill country holiday resort. In Sri Lanka, Nuwara Eliya is widely recognized as a health resort. Driving from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya takes approximately one hour, and the city is situated at an elevation of 1800 meters above sea level. However, on this day, there will be a number of stops along the way from Kandy to Nuwara Eliya.

The first stop will be to Peradeniya, Sri Lanka’s most renowned and largest botanical garden. We are treated to a cup of CEYLON Tea and a tea facility at Pussellawa, our second destination along the route.

Although our itinerary includes only two pauses between Kandy and Nuwara Eliya, I am certain you will find the time to make several more en route. The highland country of Sri Lanka is highly recommended for its breathtaking scenery. You will not want to miss sights such as pristine tea plantations, verdant mountains, waterfalls, forests, rice terraces, shimmering reservoirs, and ancient temples. Explore the beautiful Gregory Lake, Victoria Park, the Nuwara Eliya Golf Course, and the grand Theodore-style palaces commissioned by affluent British planters in the 18th century during an afternoon stroll.

Overnight accommodation in Nuwara Eliya

Day 3: Set out for Colombo via Kitulgala after breakfast on the third day. Due to its rugged terrain, verdant mountains, waterfalls, rivers, and streams, Kitulgala is an excellent location to speed up your pulse. You will traverse valleys and mountain passes that are picturesque and surrounded by tea plantations. St. Clair’s Falls and Devon Fall are two cascades that your guide might recommend visiting during the journey. After lunch, depart Kitulgala and proceed to Colombo.

Three-day Sri Lanka tour itinerary Colombo-Kandy comprehensive tour of ancient cities

Day 1: Located in the north-central arid zone of Sri Lanka, the cultural triangle is teeming with ancient structures dating back thousands of years, many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites. Since the 1815 AD, towns, communities, and villages in this triangular region were under the control of Sri Lankan monarchs. Historic towns abound in the arid zone of Sri Lanka, which was once governed by hundreds of kings who bequeathed an impressive legacy of Buddhist monuments, irrigation systems, palaces, gardens, and hospitals, among other things. Since ancient times, Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Kandy, and Dambulla have been favoured by tourists from around the globe. Cultural and historical enthusiasts continue to be drawn to these locales. This three-day, two-night exploration of Colombo will grant you access to the most magnificent ancient cities in Sri Lanka.

Day 2: You will depart for the west coast of Sri Lanka following breakfast. From there, you are free to commence your personal itinerary in Colombo or another desired location. Anuradhapura, the earliest city in Sri Lanka, will be the primary focus of your three-day excursion thereafter. Hundreds of ruins are all around the ancient city of Anuradhapura. During its height, the ancient metropolis reportedly occupied an area exceeding 40 square kilometers. Numerous historic sites have suffered partial destruction or injury at the hands of vandals, relic hunters, or even mother nature.

We will commence our three-hour guided tour of Anuradhapura following lunch. The hop-on, hop-off city tour will transport you to numerous significant historical sites, including the Ruwanweli stupa, the Sri Maha Bodhi, Thuparama, Jetawanrama, and Twin Pond, among others.

Staying overnight in Sigiriya

Day 3: After breakfast, depart for Sigiriya and spend two hours walking to the rock fortress. Following that, proceed to Polonnaruwa, an additional ancient metropolis that thrived during the 10th and 11th centuries. Polonnaruwa conceals an abundance of historical Hindu and Buddhist temples, palaces, gardens, lakes, and Buddha statues. An optional afternoon safari through Minneriya National Park is provided.

Staying overnight in Sigiriya

After breakfast on the third and final day of the three-day Colombo itinerary, travel to Kandy, stopping en route to visit the Spice Garden and the Golden Temple of Dambulla. We make an early afternoon halt at the tooth relic temple as part of our city tour of Kandy. Proceed to Colombo via the Mawanella route at a later time.

UNESCO has also designated the Tooth Relic Temple and the Golden Temple of Dambulla as World Heritage Sites in Sri Lanka, both of which are historically significant. The golden temple of Dambulla dates back to the first century BC, while the teeth relic temple was founded in the thirteenth century.

The Kandy City Tour entails an approximate three-hour visit to the Tooth Relic Temple, the centre of Kandy, the Kandy View Point, the Tea Garden, the Gem Museum, and the Peradeniya Botanical Gardens.

This Colombo sightseeing excursion will culminate near Kegalle at the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage. Proceed to your hotel in Colombo thereafter.

How do I book a three-day Sri Lanka tour itinerary?

The excursions mentioned above are available from Seerendipity as a 2-night, 3-day Colombo package. For additional information regarding any of the aforementioned three-day, two-night tour packages, please contact us via WhatsApp at 0094774440977 or email at

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