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Mirissa, a stunning beach town in the center of Sri Lanka’s south coast, is something you shouldn’t miss. It is one of the favorite locations in southern Sri Lanka because of the gorgeous beaches, amazing sunset settings, and several delicious restaurants. In Mirissa, there are several great things to do. Most tourists stay in Mirissa for many days, while some others stay for many weeks and months. Still, they yearn for more time. This blog post is about 7 things to do in Mirissa, Sri Lanka. We’ve put together a list of our favorite activities and hidden beaches for you to enjoy.

Reaching Mirissa

If you use a public bus to go to Mirissa, the ride from Colombo to this city takes about 3 hours. If you start your journey from the international airport in Colombo, the journey may last about 5 hours, with a stopover at the Colombo central bus stand. If you are on a tight budget, this is a terrific way to travel. The bus trip along the coast is scenic, and there are lots of departures from Colombo’s main bus stand.

Travel by private Taxi

If you like more luxury and like to cut down your travel time to 2 hours, traveling by private taxi is the best bet for you. Taxis are the most popular mode of transportation for travelers in Sri Lanka. It saves a lot of time while giving you a comfortable, private journey in an air-conditioned vehicle.

Things to do in Mirissa

Hill of Coconut Trees

For most tourists, Cocnut Tree Hill is a wonderful place, as it appears on Instagram. Coconut Tree Hill is located a few kilometers south of the main beach in Mirissa. Usually, tourists pay 200 LKR ($1.15 USD) for a tuk tuk to get there to enjoy the sunset. There are a ton of palm trees growing out of the red clay in this really unusual setting. It’s really beautiful, unlike anything most tourists see anywhere else.

There aren’t many finer spots to relax while observing the sun set behind the trees. Not only is Coconut Tree Hill an excellent area to see turtles, but you can also witness surfers surfing waves below you from its summit. One of the greatest locations to visit in Mirissa is Coconut Tree Hill!

The easternmost point of Mirissa is home to Coconut Tree Hill. You can take a tuk tuk and have the driver drop you off at Sunset Bar, or you can walk the whole length of the beach to get here. You have to walk through Sunset Bar and up the hillside to get to the hill itself.

The scenery of Coconut Tree Hill, Mirissa, is unmatched. A grove of palm trees rising out of the red dirt overlooking the ocean covers a small peninsula. Due to its distinct beauty, it has become well-known on Instagram and is now considered one of Sri Lanka’s must-see places. It appears that the locals refer to it by a variety of names, including Mirissa’s Palm Trees, Coconut Hill Mirissa, and Palm Tree Grove Mirissa. Whatever you want to call it, you must visit the gorgeous palm trees and earthy red hill.

How to Go to Coconut Tree Hill, Mirissa

The Google Maps marker indicating Coconut Tree Hill is located at the southeast tip of Mirissa. You have two options for getting there: walking from the town center will take 15 to 20 minutes, or you may take a tuk tuk from town, which will just take a few minutes and cost about 200 LKR ($1.15).

There are two options for walking: walk down Matara Road and turn down Coconut Tree Hill Road, or walk along Mirissa Beach, past Parrot Rock and along the next two bays until you reach the hill. You must go via Sunset Bar and ascend the dirt trail on the hill’s side in order to reach the hill. The path is steep and slick, so exercise caution, as it can be a little hazardous, especially after it has rained.

*Tip: Arrive early in the morning if you want this location to yourself. We returned early the next morning to capture some more unhindered photos because it was really crowded at dusk.

The secret Beach

To be honest, Secret Beach is no longer really so secret—it is among Sri Lanka’s top beaches. The beach is divided into two main portions that converge at a rocky promontory. One of the greatest places to go snorkeling in Mirissa is the first beach you go onto, which is also a terrific place to swim. There are lots of turtles cruising around in this area of the sea, so keep an eye out for them.

The second beach is located around the corner and features a waist-deep lagoon that is ideal for floating on. Because of the rocky outcrop protecting it, the lagoon stays calm even when the surrounding sea gets a little rougher.

You have to drive up this insanely steep and tight road in order to get to Secret Beach. The tuk-tuk driver will dump you when the terrain gets too rough, leaving you to walk the final few hundred meters to the shore. This tiny beach is quite beautiful, hidden away in a peaceful section of the coastline. We cooled down in the tranquil waters formed by the outer rocks and enjoyed a couple of hours of relaxation on the beach. Here, a tuk tuk should arrive in less than ten minutes and cost 400LKR, or $2.30. Although it is a strenuous hike uphill in the heat, walking from Mirissa town center is also an option.

Although Mirissa Beach, the main beach in the area, is only a short walk away from this lovely beach, it is less crowded because many people choose the easy beach right outside their door. The main beach in Mirissa is usually quite crowded most of the time, but you will not see many people at Secret Beach Mirissa. It is really surprising that such a nice beach could be so peaceful. It is remote, palm-tree-lined, and very quiet. Is there anything more a beachgoer should look for?

How to Reach Secret Beach Mirissa

Although Secret Beach is only a short drive from Mirissa’s town center, the route there is somewhat unusual. We advise taking a tuk tuk from the town center, which should cost about 400 LKR ($2.26 USD). The route is narrow, winding, and hilly, making the ride intriguing. You will have to exit the tuk-tuk and walk the final 200 meters since the road is so awful.

Surfing in Weligama

Most travellers choose Weligama for surfing. It is the perfect spot for novice surfers to try their hand at surfing because it is a sandy beach break. Travelers can hire boards for an hour for 250 LKR ($1.40 USD) and head out to sea. The surfers are very happy with the amazing waves in Weligama. A large number of surf schools are established directly on the beach and travellers can hire an expert if they like at a very low price.

Travelers can spend hours surfing here, and afterward, they can stop at one of the numerous bars that line the beach for a drink and watch all the other surfers enjoying themselves. Although Weligama is a terrific site for beginners and it’s always excellent to check out a new place, Mirissa Beach is a good place to surf. Before you travel, check out the surf prediction for Weligama!

The Beach at Mirissa

Even though the main portion of Mirissa Beach is very popular, it’s still a great spot to hang out. When you arrive at the beach, turn right and head towards the main beach’s western end. It has a beautiful surf break and is generally very calm. An afternoon spent lounging in the sun and watching the surfers is highly recommended.

The Residence of the Physician

A great location on the beach in the neighboring village of Madiha is The Doctor’s House. The Doctor’s House is the spot to go if you want to experience the best beach vibes in the neighborhood. They boast of serving the coldest beer in Sri Lanka and serve wood-fired pizza along with beverages. An excellent spot to unwind for the afternoon is the spacious garden that opens directly onto the beach. Since Mirissa is fifteen minutes away, you will need to take a tuk tuk to get here.

Examine the murals

Travelers can find amazing street art along Beachside Road in Mirissa. Numerous restaurants and hostels in this area have colorful murals and wall art adorning their outside walls. It’s a terrific opportunity to explore the region and see more vibrant murals, and the hand-painted art is really worth looking out for.

Other Pursuits

Among the most popular activities in the region is whale watching. The greatest months to see blue whales are March and April during the whale-watching season, which spans from November to April. The best time to go is in the morning, when the seas are rougher due to the wind picking up in the afternoon. Look for a Mirissa whale viewing tour.

Visiting Galle Fort for the day is an excellent option if you pass through Galle on your way to Mirissa. From Mirissa, it takes just under an hour to travel west.

Ideal Time to Go Mirissa

December through March is the ideal time of year to explore Mirissa and the south coast of Sri Lanka in general. In this region, the major monsoon season lasts from the end of April through September. Though the weather might be erratic, this is usually a decent suggestion for when to visit.

Where to Eat

On Shady Lane in Mirissa An incredibly cool place with some delicious smoothie bowls hidden down a side street. Worth spending a little more on, at 675 LKR ($3.90 USD) for a smoothie bowl.

R&R Hot Spot: really affordable, delicious curry and rice. For two people, it only cost 600 LKR ($3.45 USD) with some simple roti and water.

This is the spot to go after surfing at Weligama: Dulnetha Homestay and Restaurant. Here, the travellers can enjoy some of the tastiest kottus, which is Sri Lankan fried rice. Perfect post-surf snack, and reasonably priced too.

At the base of Coconut Tree Hill is Sunset Bar. As the name implies, this is a great spot to have a beer and watch the sun set. Although it’s not actually a place to eat, we had to include it on the list.

Places to Stay in Mirissa

The travellers can find many dozens of accommodations in Mirissa at various price tags. Every traveler can find a suitable place to stay, regardless of their budget. The accommodation facilities available range from cheap dometories to luxury boutiqu hotels.

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