Pick-up location and time: Colombo, 0700 hrs
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Kithulgala Water Rafting Package with Jungle Trekking

Kithulgala water rafting package by seerendipity tours is truly an adventure pack, it includes Kithulgala water rafting (5 km), kayaking in the Kelaniya River and a 1-hour jungle trek in the rain forest. You will have a comfortable ride on the Kithulgala water rafting package, in one of our air-conditioned luxury vehicles.

Kithulgala is an earthly paradise for adventure enthusiasts and it has earned the nickname “adventure playground of Sri Lanka”, due to the abundance of adventure thrills this jungle paradise offers, and rafting the Kelani River is one of the island’s ultimate thrills. On the trip down the Kelaniya River, the water rafting route is about 5km in length and has 5 major rapids and 5 minor rapids.

Is this trip right for you?

  • The entire trip is private (transfers and sightseeing), and only you and your associates take part in the trip.
  • This one-day trip mainly is an adventure trip with exposure to pristine forests.  It’s one of the shortest trips we run in our Original style, perfect for those with very little time and a desire to see the natural beauty of Sri Lanka.
  • The tour mainly revolves around Sri Lanka's hill country city of Kitulgala. You will be making frequent stops during the trip.
  • Sri Lanka can get extremely hot in the summer. While we aim to do outdoor activities when the heat is considerably low (in the morning and evening), however, there are instances that we have to do them during mid-day,  remember to keep water on you and to bring a hat, sunscreen, a long-sleeved shirt, and anything else that will protect you from the sun.


  • White-water rafting in the River of Kelaniya (5 KM)
  • Kayaking in Kitulagla along the River of Kelaniya(5 KM)
  • 1-hour rainforest and village trek (1 hour), in search of exotic Sri Lankan bird species. 

Itinerary in a nutshell

06.00 am Pick-up from the hotel in Colombo

09.00 am Arrival at Kithulgala and starts the white water rafting adventure

11.00 am jungle trek and Bird watching tour in the rainforest

01.00 pm local lunch in a restaurant

02.30 pm kayaking in the River of Kelaniya

04.30 pm leave for the hotel in Colombo

06.30 pm arrive at the hotel in Colombo

Trip includes

  • Entire ground transport in an air-conditioned, modern, private vehicle.
  • English-speaking driver/ guide (please inquire about other languages).
  • Local lunch
  • All entrance fees and activity costs are as per the tour itinerary.
  • Equipment and safety gear are required on the trip.
  • All government taxes.

Trip excludes

  • Personal expenses such as tips and gratitudes
  • Any other extras

Cancellation policy

Cancel five days prior to arrival for a full refund

Choose your payment method

We offer you mainly three payment options credit card payments, bank transfers or payment on arrival. You can choose whatever is the most convenient payment option for you. If you opt for payment on arrival we will collect a 10% advance payment from you as a guarantee, once the booking is confirmed. 





Day 1

Time : 6:00 am


Depart for Kithulgala after receiving a welcome from a Seerendipity Tours employee.

Whitewater rafting
Whitewater rafting across five big rapids and four lesser rapids on Kitulgala's scenic Kelani River. Anyone over ten years old is eligible for this activity, which includes modern rafts and safety gear. Our whitewater rafting instructors will provide a thorough safety briefing prior to the activity. About 5 kilometres have been covered. During your journey, the river and its surroundings will charm you and provide an unforgettable experience.

Observing birds
You will look for the native bird as you stroll through the plantations, jungle, and settlement. When it comes to seeing a wide variety of bird species in Sri Lanka, Kitulgala is a popular destination for bird watchers. Ornithologists and other nature enthusiasts will be rewarded with sightings of the Laylard's Parakeet, the Ceylon Spur Fowl, the Ceylon Hanging Parrot, and the Crested Serpent Eagle. Kitulgala offers a variety of activities, including mountain biking, visiting cultural sites, fruit orchards, and lowland tea plantations.

hike through the rainforest
Discover the rich biodiversity of the Kitulgala Forest Reserve's rainforest and take in the breathtaking views of the forest's secret streams and waterfalls. Enjoy a refreshing swim in a picturesque stream while on your Rain Forest Trek in Kitulgala's jungle.

Kayaking at Kitulgala lasts approximately one hour and is appropriate for both novice and experienced paddlers. There are numerous picturesque spots during the 5-kilometer trek, including the massive rocks, sandy riverbanks, and the winding sections of riverbank woodlands.

The journey has come to an end.

  1. Phillip:

    We enjoyed our trip to Kitulgala jungle with Roshan. He was very professional in dealing with us and made our trip very comfortable.

  2. Roger:

    We met Kuma in Colombo and he took us to Kitulkagla on a very comfortable car. We spent entire day in Kitulgala while exploring jungles, watching for birds, doing river bath and water rafting. Kuma was very kind and helpful. He spoke English well. He also provided some recommendations for bars, restaurants, and optional activites. All in all a good time.

  3. Jim:

    It was an excellent very happening trip, enjoyed a lot

  4. Natasha:

    My family and I loved the trip to kitulagla with rosha it was a nice experience. We were able to do many interesting things like rafting, jungle trekking, boating, swimming, and bird watching. Highly recommend.

  5. Ruma:

    It was excellent

  6. Radison:

    It was a very happening day. We book the rafting tour from Bentota and had an awesome time while exploring the beautiful rainforest and later enjoyed the whitewater rafting.

  7. Gillard:

    The service of the tour operator was amazing. Rainforest walk is very interesting and whitewater rafting was simply amazing.

  8. Morrison:

    We were large group (13) and divided into 2 groups. Each raft takes 6 – 8 persons and go through the White River and water falls. First explore the rainforest and saw lot of birds. The waterrafting was so nice experience, and took wonderful photos and vibes. Then, jumped into the river and swam.

  9. Daze:

    Fantastic experience and the crew were all fantastic. Everything was perfectly organized and river rafting was fantastic.

  10. Craig:

    Excellent walk in the rainforest with white waterrafting. we had an enjoyable day trip to go rafting as well as lunch and tea back in Colombo. Car and driver were both well presented and safe. I would use again.

  11. Fernandez:

    Rafting is good and interesting. kind driver. Stop on the way and buy me a coconut.

  12. ruzel:

    Such an amazing and different experience. It started from Colombo to kitulgala, and then back to Colombo.

  13. Ameer:

    The sights were fantastic and the crew were very helpful, everything very well organized with life jackets, instructors! I would HIGHLY recommend this company and and this tour!

  14. Krsitiane:

    I was alone and I was a bit hesitant at the beginning to book a trip on my own. But later I found them are very caring and friendly and professional. I ended up doing 3 trips with them including the white water rafting and jungle trekking. Very trustworthy tour operator and their prices are very reasonable.

  15. Adriana:

    We actually worked with the same company to go to Cutlrual triable in Sri Lanka to explore the ancient temple. It was a great experience and well priced. Rafting tour was also well organized, however, the crew was different but everything is perfect as usual, well done seerendipity.

  16. Adriana:

    We actually worked with the same company to go to Cutlrual triable in Sri Lanka to explore the ancient temple. It was a great experience and well priced. Rafting tour was also well organized, however, the crew was different but everything is perfect as usual, well done seerendipity.

  17. Amaria:

    Great experience! Tony was an excellent guide and made our tour very fun. Would recommend this tour for everyone

  18. Hamdy ronaldo:

    A short trip but very interesting with exposure to the pristine forested surrounding. The water rafting was very interesting and jungle trekking was also good. We had teh chance to mingle with people in the village and they are very friendly. The village is very beautiful.

  19. Kirianne melango:

    This is our second trip with Seerendipity. Earlier we did one-day Galle trip with them and this time we wanted to see a bit of countryside and do jungle trekking. This was a perfect trip for us because we love nature. Waterrafting was also very interesting. Our guide chamal was very nice and friendly.

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