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Sri Lanka wellness / Ayurveda Wellness Package Sri Lanka 14-Day Package

The 14-day wellness package in Sri Lanka is based on Ayurveda. Ayurveda is regarded as one of the world's oldest medical systems. With our Ayurvedic cooking workshops, you can learn about this healing approach and the advantages of eating organic food as part of the 14-day package. Bentota is home to our ayurvedic hotel, which has easy access to the Indian Ocean. The resort has kilometres of immaculate, palm-lined beaches where you may enjoy a pleasant sunbath and a cool dip in the ocean.

This 14-day Ayurvedic programme offers the ideal fusion of beach vacations and Ayurvedic therapy. The medical professionals oversee each and every therapy. Our stunning resort features 30 luxurious rooms, restaurants, an Ayurvedic treatment centre, and a swimming pool. There is a lovely garden all around it. Every one of our rooms has a full-air conditioning system and contemporary conveniences. You can unwind on the white sand beach, swim in our large pool, or go swimming in the Indian Ocean in between your Ayurvedic treatments.

Treatments with Panchakarma

Panchakarma, or the gentle way of healing, is the foundation of all of our treatments. Panchakarma therapy balances the doshas, which are the bio-energies in charge of our health and wellbeing. When these three Doshas are out of balance, poisons build up in our mental and physical processes, impairing how well our bodies function. By rectifying these detrimental impacts of daily living, panchakarma can be helpful. Every day, our experts oversee all Panchakarma treatments, which come with a particular full-board diet. Basic panchakarma therapy is advised to last between eight and fourteen days. A specialised, basic panchakarma treatment is advised to last between 21 and 28 days. Acupuncture needles are an additional little fee for each treatment.


  • Continually available medical consultations during your visit


    Complete Ayurvedic care, massages, and medications in accordance with your physician's recommended regimen


    Complete board, real Ayurvedic cuisine (meals include fish and other Ayurvedic foods)


    (With the exception of Sundays and full moon Poya days.) Every day: yoga and meditation


    The room is stocked with an endless supply of fresh juices, herbal tea, and mineral water


    Authentic Sri Lankan evening snack


    Two complimentary journeys are included: one for shopping in the closest town, and another for a sightseeing tour to the village nearer the hotel


    A single programme featuring cooking demonstrations


    Early check-in or late checkout


    Transfers for arrivals and departures


    Every tax levied by the government

Single Occupancy

These 14-day Ayurveda packages can be booked for a single person or for the entire package with a supplement. However, we need to check the availability of rooms before confirming the single rooms; please inquire. 

  1. Varush Pandey:

    The location was encircled by lush, natural vegetation. The setting is beautiful, serene, and inviting. We had delicious food. The rooms were spotless. The level of assistance and support provided by the staff was exceptional. We were blown away with our stay. It was a really tranquil and calming atmosphere.

  2. Mary Куськина:

    That is truly a way to unwind and recuperate! Stunning scenery, magnificent Neem tree cottages, and incredibly kind service. Vishaka, my therapist, was excellent. A heartfelt “thank you” to the physicians, receptionists, cleaners, security guards, and restaurant employees Raveen, Palitha, and others! Incredible adventure, delicious and nutritious cuisine, and first-rate treeatments (you’ll end up drenched in oils and herbs!). The yoga instructor and his class are great for unwinding. What a delightful getaway ❤️

  3. bijas parida:

    My recent visit at Sri Lanka Ayurveda Resort was, words cannot describe how relaxing and rejuvenating it was. Situated in a serene and tranquil area close to the sea, the resort is an ideal place to unwind and recharge.
    The resort’s service was impeccable; the employees spared no effort to make my stay pleasant and relaxing. Everything was perfect from the time I stepped foot in the door.
    The room I stayed in was beautiful—it was large, clean, and quite comfy. The lovely furnishings helped to put me at peace. The room had all the necessary amenities, including a comfortable bed, a clean bathroom, and a balcony with a beautiful view of the river.
    At the resort, you can choose from a variety of Ayurvedic treatments that aim to restore harmony to your mind and body. I tried a few of the treatments during my stay, and I have to say that they were amazing. After each one, I could feel a renewed sense of energy and vitality flowing through my entire being.
    In conclusion, the Ayurveda Resort is an excellent choice for those seeking a tranquil retreat. I can’t wait to return to this resort and enjoy it all over again because of its excellent location, service, and facilities.

  4. prem:

    The Sri Lanka grand tour that we did at the tail end of August was just amazing. Jaga, our tour guide, was excellent—well-informed, courteous, and accommodating. Over the course of the two weeks, he filled us in on Sri Lanka’s history, culture, and beauty, and we learned so much that we truly appreciated it. While we didn’t like the itinerary’s busier spots, we did enjoy the downtime at the conclusion, which gave us the opportunity to explore on our own. If you are interested in visiting Sri Lanka, we highly suggest this tour.

  5. Daniela:

    A beautiful spot to unwind in a healthy manner. This is the perfect spot for those who wish to heal a disease or chronic discomfort while simultaneously relaxing on vacation, since they provide a variety of Ayurvedic massages and treatments. They primarily serve Japanese tourists and others, thus they may not be the greatest choice for residents seeking a fun escape. They have a lot of room for improvement in the food department because the selection is so limited. In general, the rooms are large, peaceful, and cosy cabanas made of wood. I thought it was an excellent experience overall.

  6. Tharianne:

    Perfect spot for a holiday with the kids if it had not rained a lot durin our stay. Everyone working at the hotel will see to our needs. spotless establishment, comfortable lodgings. Paradise has been discovered, we believe. Not to mention how tasty the food is. They make sure our kids have special meals. am going to come back in the future when the weather is dry.

  7. Gisela kraus:

    The resort was wonderful; the Ayurvedic doctors were fantastic; and the food was delicious and nutritious. The staff was incredibly pleasant to work with.

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