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All-inclusive Sinharaja rainforest walking tour

The Sinharaja rainforest walking tour is suitable for travellers who like to get a glimpse of a true rainforest experience. This all-inclusive rainforest walking tour included a guided walk in the forest with our nature guide, all transfers from your hotel, entrance fees and all taxes. The entire tour will take around 6-7 hours. The jungle trek lasts between 4-5 hours if you choose to do teh entire loop, however, you can shorten the walk if you need. You can have a bath in a cool shallow freshwater pool down the Kekuna Ella Water Fall. You must be prepared with swimsuits.

Duration of Sinharaja rainforest walking tour

Sinharaja rainforest tour starts from your hotel in Colombo or any other beach resort on the west and south coasts. After the pick-up by our tour guide, you will drive in an air-conditioned modern vehicle to the Sinharaja forest via Kalutara, Matugam and Agalawatte. The drive from Colombo to the Sinharaja rainforest takes around 2 hours. All arrangements for your Sinharaja hike trip are well planned by the staff of Seerendipity tours and we map out the 4-5 hours of jungle trek even before you arrive at the site. The duration of the walk in the forest largely depends on your interest. 

Biodiversity of Sinharaja rainforest

Sinharaja forest reserve of Sri Lanka is a paradise owing to its depth of endemic fauna and flora collection. Sinharaja rainforest is a UNESCO world heritage site and the last remaining primaeval rainforest with about 50% of its fauna and flora endemic to the island.

Bird watching in the Sinharaja rainforest

Birds both resident and migratory flock to the canopy, especially between December and April. A large number of foreign travellers as well as local tourists come to explore the Sinharaja rainforest every day, Sinharaja is a part of most nature tours and bird-watching tours and is also included in most Sri Lanka adventure tour itineraries because it is one of the best places to enjoy the fauna and flora of Sri Lanka including a large number of birds, butterflies, insects, and vertebrates. If you are interested in Bird watching it is strongly recommended to start the trip early morning from Colombo.  

We are using the Kudawa-Sinharaja trail on this one-day trip, which is the most scenic and popular trail among travelers. This trail is about 8 km in length and takes you past some of the most scenic areas of the Forest. The trek leads to Sinhagala, a high-altitude peak in the Forest. This is an advanced trek and it requires a good amount of physical and mental fitness to cover.

Sinharaja rainforest walking tour video

Is this trip right for you?

  • The entire trip is private (transfers and sightseeing), and only you and your associates take part in the trip.
  • You will enter the rainforest with a trained expert nature guide.
  • You will enter the rainforest at the main entrance of Kudawa.
  • Your driver/guide is fully vaccinated and received a "Safe and Secure" certificate from the tourist board.
  • This 1-day trip is one of the most popular Sri Lanka tours, we run in our Original style, perfect for those, who look for a trip to enjoy Sri Lankan nature. If you are after a more leisurely trip in Sri Lanka, a cultural trip, or a shorter trip please check our other tour itineraries.
  • You are trekking through the virgin rainforest, where you have to walk on rugged terrain. Please wear comfortable shoes to trek through the forest comfortably.
  • You may encounter leeches during the trek, we will arrange leeches repellent.
  • It is recommended to have binoculars, thereby it will be easier to spot birds.

What to expect

  • 4-5 hours trek through the virgin rainforest of Sinharaja
  • Learn about the fauna and flora of the forest from our experienced nature guide
  • Sighting of many dozens of birds and many other insects, lizards, butterflies, and many other creatures
  • Encounter hundreds of different trees, plants, and veins as well as dozens of orchids
  • Taking a closer look at waterfalls

Trip includes

  • Pick-up from the airport or any hotel on the west coast and the drop 
  • Entire ground transportation in an air-conditioned, luxury, private vehicle
  • English-speaking driver/guide (Please inquire about other languages)
  • Picnic Lunch
  • Mineral water
  • 3-5 hours guided rainforest walk
  • All entrance fees and activity costs
  • Highway toll
  • Leeches repellent
  • Nature guide to show you around the forest and explain to you about Fauna and Flora
  • All government taxes

Trip excludes

  • Expenses of personal nature such as tipping
  • Food and drinks

Cancellation policy

Cancel 24 hours before to event and get the full refund

Choose your payment method

We offer you mainly three payment options credit card payments, bank transfers or payment on arrival. You can choose whatever is the most convenient payment option for you. If you opt for payment on arrival we will collect a 10% advance payment from you as a guarantee, once the booking is confirmed. 

Book now & pay later

Reserve your tour now and pay when you meet us. Send us the duly filled tour booking form, and we will arrange your tour you can make the payment as you meet us on the first day of the trip.

Best price guaranteed

We guarantee the best price. If you find the same tour package at a cheaper price elsewhere, we do match the price of other tour packages and furthermore add a 10% discount to it.

No hidden fees and commissions

The price you see on the product pages is the exact same rate that you see in the final stage of the trip booking. We do not add any other hidden charges and taxes such as GST, BTT, service charge, nation-building tax, hotel tax etc as you come to the last stage of the booking.



Day 1

Time : 7:00 am


Meet and greet by Seerendipity tours representative at your hotel (0700 hrs) and leave for Sinharaja rainforest via Kalutara and Agalawatte. As you arrive at the Rainforest you will be greeted and welcomed by our nature guide, who will be guiding you throughout the jungle trek and also educate about fauna and flora that you encounter along the way.

The journey from Colombo to Sinharaja (Kudawa entrance) takes around 3 hours. You can take a brief rest after arriving the entrance and start the Sinharaja rainforest trek. Our nature expert will explain to you about the trees, plants, animals and birds that you encounter during the trek.

After the rainforest trek drives to the nearby hotel where your delicious local meal is served. After having leisurely lunch and eating Sri Lankan fruits start the return journey to the hotel.

The return journey lasts around 2 hours

  1. Nela:

    Roma was great. He knew a lot but wasn’t stuffy. He was fun, open, protective, polite, and easy to understand. She taught us a lot. I strongly suggest seerendipity tours. I was so happy that we had booked sinharaja trip..

  2. Helene:

    A really informative and interesting tour with Kasun during our first proper rainforest trip. Easy communication with local company prior to our tour too. We wouldn’t have found the places kasun took us to on our own and our time in the rainforest would have been very different. Would definitely recommend seerendipity tours and doing a tour like this.

  3. Robert:

    Beyond description would be the extent to which my spouse and I delighted in our Sinharaja rainforest excursions. We have not previously embarked on such an excursion nor experienced such an exceptional experience. Our guide was an absolute delight to be around and was incredibly laid-back and courteous. Our time spent with him enhanced our vacation and rainforest experience tremendously.

  4. Ganga:

    The excursion was precisely as planned, and we had just completed the walk prior to the deluge; Kamal, our guide, was exceptionally kind and accommodating.

  5. lemanski:

    Our experience with the Sinharaja forest tour, which was a one-day excursion departing from Colombo, was quite satisfying. Entering the breathtaking Sinharaja Rainforest was a once-in-a-lifetime experience that was truly unforgettable. It is not a good idea to travel to the forest without a guide because there are hundreds of different species of trees, plants, birds, insects, lizards, spiders, and other creatures that you may encounter there. You need someone to give you some insight into some of these things. During our time in the forest, our guide not only spoke English quite well but also discovered a great number of small animals that I would have never seen otherwise. There were a great number of blue butterflies there, and the waterfall was just stunning. Did some swimming in this refreshing pond. Because the excursion was so effectively organized, I would unquestionably suggest that these individuals go on the Sinharaja trek; they are really great.

  6. Chiara Usman:

    We wanted to have private and short trip from our beach resort we wanted to do something different from the usual beaches and temple tour of Sri lanka. Before arrive in Sri Lanka we had explored about Sri Lankan forests and was impressed by the reviews of this tour. We are super happy with the trip and had a thoroughly enjoyable 4 hours of trekking as part of quick tour package.

  7. Ramidu:

    The hike was not as difficult as I thought, but you do need to step over logs occasionally. I saw a large mnumber of creatures during the hike.

  8. Rudmila:

    Our day trip to rainforest started from Colombo early morning and it was just a 3 hours drive to the rainforest from Colombo. We were able to explore the rainforest at our own face as there was no other guests in the group on that day. It was bit raining and ground was soaked with water but it was fine as we were wearing shoes. Our guide Rita gave a a magical mix which kept the leeches away from us.

  9. Manfred:

    We had a wonderful day with the Sinharaja rainforest tour. never imagined that the rainforest trek was so wonderful. We were amazed by the gigantic trees. The trek was a little bit difficult due to the uneven surface but our guide kusum had lot of experienced being a nature guide for the visitors. he had a wealth of knowledeg about the forest, trees, plants and animals.

  10. Anne:

    Rasika is simply the best tour guide to show you the trees, plant, animals and birds in Sinharaja rainforest. She will answer all your questions ,queries and more and individualise the rainforest trek to suit you .She goes way beyond your expectations and together you have a fun time.We love Sinharaja rainfores & Rasika.10/10

  11. Bernard shroeder:

    Better than expected. We had to travel only 2 hours from the beach hotel in Kalutara and entered the pristine forest. I have never been to a forest-like it. Dense forest with huge trees, waterfalls, birds. What a nice experience.

  12. Lor:

    Excellent option for a nature lover. Guide was excellent with heap of knowledge about the trees, plants, insects, birds and other animals living in the jungle.

  13. Natasha preetham:

    Fantastic trip but it was raining a lot in the forest otherwise it could have been better. Overall experience is good and our guide Silva was very friendly guy.

  14. Elvis:

    It was a one-of-a-kind experience we never had before. The Rainforest trek was a blissful experience and our guide was very knowledgeable. The guide knew the path across the rainforests and we could have never seen so much without him.

  15. Ram Chaudry:

    Excellent trip and magical 4 hours, thanks to our nature guide we learned a lot about Sri Lankan rainforest.

  16. Meenak cho:

    The trip is perfect;y planned and we had just finished the walk before the downpour, our guide Kamal was very nice and helpful.

  17. JAN:

    A superb one-day trip into teh rainforest! It was a perfect opportunity to learn about trees, plants, birds, insects and many other creatures that we can’t imagine encountering outside of a rainforest. very interesting guide and he always shows his deep knowledge of nature! the picnic lunch was very good with fresh delicious fruit! Thanks for everything! What a treat!

  18. Russel:

    The tour itself was very relaxing, but we covered so much ground and saw so much in the forest within a day. Perfect day outing for us to break the monotonous of the beach holiday.

  19. Paula:

    This tour is superb! The rainforest were amazing. The nature guide took care off us from the beginning to the end. Friendly staff, all day long everything was awesome.

  20. John:

    There are not enough words to express how much my husband and I enjoyed Sinharaja rainforet tours. We have never done such a tour before and never had this wonderful exeprince before. Our guide was a great wealth of knowledge and so relaxed and kind. Our time with him made our trip and experience in rainforest awesome.

  21. Judith:

    Most beautiful place we visited in Sri Lanka ❤️

  22. Freddie:

    Amazing rainforest with sio mant varieteis of trees, plants, insects and birds

  23. Jascue:


  24. Patric:

    Perfect opportunity for nature lovers to enjoy the untouched virgin forest. We drove only 1 hour from our beach resort. Excellent trip and excellent experince.

  25. Anja:

    Perfect place for bird watching. We were able to spot 15 species of bird without much effort and within a short period of time. Ask your guide to give you leeches repellent.

  26. rima Truder :

    Very nice trip with plenty of time to spend with trees, plants, fascinating animal world. gorgeous waterfalls and full of roaring water.

  27. Teresa:

    Do it. You won’t regret it. I feel like I got to see so much in 1 day.

  28. morpis:

    Long trek, uneven surface and very tiring, I reduce my trek just to 1 hour. wonderful trip though

  29. Adrian Fasil:

    Perfect opportunity for a nature lover. Very professional guide, he answered all of our questions and gave a lot of information about the vegetation and the animals. He had an eye for spotting even the most camouflaged birds. Very beautiful

  30. Valerie:

    Day trip was great fun, bit of long drive from the hotel in Colombo, but the experience in the rainforest is amazing. I felt really lucky to be in the forest with a friendly and educated guide, who explained all fauna and flora that we encountered along the way.

  31. Stephan:

    Fabulous experience ..tour guides excellent and very knowledgable about trees, plants and animals and great fun…local lunch was tasty..would highly recommend this tour company…obviously whoever you go with needs the same transport time which was a pain…hour in a car to the rainforest from the hotel ….but it was ok and to be expected as that’s the location!

  32. Ernie:

    We had a excellent experience on this nature tour. Very knowledgeable and professional guide, he answered all of our questions and gave a lot of information about the vegetation and the animals. He had an eye for spotting even the most camouflaged animals. Very beautiful

  33. Stevie:

    We undertook the blissful walk in the beautiful Sinharaja Rainforest. You are required to have a guide and Explore Sinharaja organised the best guide ever! He uncovered so many little creatures that I would never have seen and spoke really good english too. The waterfall was beautiful and lots of blue butterflies were there. Went swimming in this cool pond. The tour was so well organised, I’d definately recommend these guys to do the Sinharaja hike, really great.

  34. Adrian:

    HWe had a great experience on this nature tour. Very professional guide, he answered all of our questions and gave a lot of information about the vegetation, birds, insects and many other animals. He had an eye for spotting even the most camouflaged animals. Very beautiful. The leisurely walk through the forests lasted about 4 hours, however we did not feel that we had spent that much time in the forest. Never had such a great experience in a rainforest.

  35. Minda:

    What a nice experience to see the beautiful nature of Sri Lanka. We had the opportunity to see a large number of Fauna and Flora. It was a fantastic experience and the trip was very well organized.

  36. Adelaida:

    Awesome experience! Very nice and friendly guide. It’s a one-in-a-lifetime experience. Such a nice rainforest, it was my first-time visit to a virgin rain forest, and never knew about such a wonderful place with trees, plants, waterfalls, streams, birds, insects, and many other unknown creatures. Fortunately, our guide gave us leeches repellent, which kept them away. We were bombarded with information about the fauna and flora of the jungle.

  37. Renate:

    I am just not positive where you will be having your
    info, but great topic. I must spend quite some
    time determining more or understanding more. Thanks for excellent info I was once looking for this information for
    my mission.

  38. Ramona:

    It was raining a lot

  39. Abdul Azaz:

    I booked it from Colombo and initially, I thought it was a long journey. But it took only 2 hours to get there, very convenient drive with Gamini, my guide.

  40. Adela fernando:

    We were stranded at home for long time and we all wanted to go out and have a break. We took the sinharaja trek and it paid off verry well. WE all enjoyed the trip. It is nice to hang around prisitne forest for a couple of hours.

  41. Mustafa Neeraj:

    An excellent trip from our beach resort in Bentota. Good guide and an excellent way to live with nature.

  42. Waheed Anju:

    I never thought that it would be so interesting day with rainforest trek. Trees, plants, birds, streams, waterfalls, it is a totally different world.

  43. J.fernandez:

    Our nature guide was very knowledgeable and explained a lot about tres and plants

  44. Anastasia Bukab:

    2 days back we did te Sigiriya trip with Seerendioitpity, they did a great job and therefore we thought of going to rainforest with them . As usual our driver/guide Subil and his company did a graet job.

  45. Martin Ludwig:

    Perfect 4 hours for us because we love nature

  46. Akash Sharma:

    It is good to know that precious nature still lives in some parts of the world, such as Sinharaja. This gloomy nature reserve is totally different from what we see on a day to day life. I never thought that a jungle trek could be so interesting.

  47. Edward:

    It is such a great pleasure to know that such wonderful places still remain in this world

  48. Jela malaikar:

    We got a very knowledgeable naturalist, unfortunately I don’t remember his name. We did the short hike in the forest nbecause we are not familiar with hiking. however, it was an amazing experince.and we saw lot of trees, plants and birds. the guide was an incredibly knowledgeable naturalist who spoke really good english and was able to uncover even the tiniest of creatures that I would have never seen on my own.

  49. Jinhuan:

    Colourful birds are everywhere it is heaven

  50. Shenita Rai:

    Delicious local lunch and forest trek unforgettable

  51. Paula nazir:

    There are a lot of leeches in teh forest. Our guide Perera gave us some soap to keep them away. Very nice trip.

  52. rohata shpunia:

    Highly recommended to travellers who love nature

  53. yasmin alwan :

    Amazing experience and 4 hours trek through the rainforest is simply unforgettable.

  54. irvine:

    Visiting Sinharaja rainforest was a great experience and meaningful for me, especially in a difficult time for its tourism. Thanks to our nature expert, chami the trip was safe and memorable.

  55. Kayleigh:

    My first ever tour to the rainforest and the tour was well organized and very affordable.

  56. jagjeet sapra:

    We did the tour from Bentota and travelled only 2 hours voila rainforest, it was such a nice place we did not want to leave.

  57. Rima Ali:

    Nice tour from Colombo

  58. Bhupal Oza:

    Very good trip

  59. Marajana Krstik:

    Excellent tour

  60. David:

    A very relaxing trip, well worth

  61. Naseel marjana:

    Perfect program for nature lovers

  62. Clemens sandra:

    The perfect activity for a our short stay on the island, highly useful and great way to see the nature

  63. Erik neuman:

    We booked Sinharaja trip on our layover in Colombo for 1 night. It was a perfect trip with jungle trekking. We even had the opportunity to have a refreshing bath in a natural pool with crystal clear water. Good service, good guide and nice vehicle.

  64. Sebastian pillai:

    Very nice program, to escape from the monotonous beach holiday. perfect opportunity to enjoy nature.

  65. Rema Alli:

    Sinharaja rainforest was amazing. So many trees and plants and gloomy like in a cathedral.

  66. Mohamad rashid:

    We wanted to have a small break from the office in Colombo and opted for Sinharaja trip. It is a perfect trip for people who enjoy nature. Very well organized trip.

  67. Gomaz traini:

    Travelled a lot still nice program to see millions of trees and plants, and very good nature guide very knowledgeable

  68. Ian Levis:

    We booked the one day Sinharaja forest tour from Colombo and very happy with teh outcome. It was one of the kind, fantastic walk into the beautiful Sinharaja Rainforest. Don’t go to the forest without a guide because you encounter hundreds of different species of trees, plants, bird, insects, lizards, spiders and many other creatures, you need some to give some insight inot it! Our guide in teh forest uncovered so many little creatures that I would never have seen and spoke really good english too. The waterfall was beautiful and lots of blue butterflies were there. Went swimming in this cool pond. The tour was so well organised, I’d definately recommend these guys to do the Sinharaja hike, really grea

  69. Palamowski:

    Never seen such a large number of birds in close proximity, we were very lucky to book this trip.

  70. Amber:

    A lot of walk in the forest but it is a very interesting trip, totally different world and it is hard to imagine that nature still remains in its raw form.

  71. Gunther:

    A lot of walking on rugged terrain but we wanted to cut it short

  72. Kristian jith:

    Never been to such nice rainforest, totally different, nice experince

  73. Niraj:

    lovely trip

  74. Chia Osiean:

    It was so good, wE did the long hike, which was much more adventurous and fun. But after the trip we drove direct to the hotel because it was bit tiring

  75. Zandra gomez:

    Fabulous time with nature

  76. Carleh Louw:

    Good trip

  77. Christoph Liyer:

    It was great never such a nice place ever before. It was my first trip into a rainforest. The tour guide took very good care of us. He told us about the island, pointed out possible dangers in the rainforest and took good care of us. The drivers were very safe in traffic. All the people were very friendly, polite and accommodating.

  78. Wali sis:

    Never been to such a fantastic forest

  79. James hamilton:

    Trekking through the forest was such a magical moment we did not want to escape from it, therefore, we extended time in the forest. But it did not cost us anything extra.

  80. Gurinder Agarwal:

    One of the places i was excited the most about from Srí Lanka.
    And it was definitely satisfying.

  81. Kunal soriano:

    It was a super easy drive from our beach hotel . We had teh opportunity to have adventure of a life time exploring the Rain-forest, Beautiful Waterfalls and some Endemic & rare Species. Our guide was fanttastic and very helpful most importantly the guy, who accompanied us in teh foirest is very knowledegable about the trees, plants and animsla in the forest.

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