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Among the many tour itineraries available to tourists in Sri Lanka, the itinerary for the Sri Lanka 6-day tour is one of the most popular choices. Although it may be a relatively brief schedule, the Sri Lanka tour itinerary for five nights and six days is packed with a great deal of intriguing tourist destinations. As part of the tour program, you will visit the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, historical sites, scenic hill country, wildlife reserves, and many more wonderful places.

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Sri Lanka 6-day tour

Among the many tour itineraries available to tourists in Sri Lanka, the itinerary for the Sri Lanka 6-day tour is one of the most popular choices. Although it may be a relatively brief schedule, the Sri Lanka tour itinerary for five nights and six days is packed with a great deal of intriguing tourist destinations. As part of the tour program, you will visit the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, historical sites, scenic hill country, wildlife reserves, and many more wonderful places.
At a distance of 645 kilometers from the equator, Sri Lanka is the farthest southerly location on the planet. It is on the verge of touching the equator. At any given time of the year, the climate is tropically pleasant. When the blossoming season begins, the weather begins to warm up, and activities become more ceremonial, Sri Lanka flowers in the month of April. The traditional celebration of the new year takes place in April and is celebrated on a grand scale. In spite of the fact that the yearly average temperature dips by a few degrees Celsius at the end of the year, it starts to climb back up somewhere in April (the low temperature is often about 30 degrees Celsius). Sri Lanka has ideal weather throughout the year for outdoor activities in the diverse natural environment, such as exploring thousands of years-old temples, palaces, and gardens, exploring fascinating wildlife, walking in lush green forests to waterfalls, climbing green-capped peaks, and walking along vertiginous cliff paths. While the surrounding waters are a riot of marine life, filled with many species of whales and dolphins, Sri Lanka has ideal weather for all of these activities.

Itinerary for Sri Lanka 6-day tour

Particularly for first-time visitors who are interested in exploring the entirety of the breathtaking island, the 6-day itinerary for Sri Lanka is one of the most favorable vacation packages for the country of Sri Lanka. Packages for a trip to Sri Lanka that last for six days are in high demand among tourists from other countries. This holiday to Sri Lanka lasts for six days, during which time you will get the opportunity to see the cultural triangle of the island, go on a wildlife safari in one of the best national parks, and relax on the beach while also experiencing the hill region.

Six days is a rather short amount of time for a holiday, especially if you are coming from a country in Europe that is participating in the vacation. Therefore, it is not possible for us to hope to see all of Sri Lanka’s most popular tourist destinations in just six days. Whether you wish to relax on a gorgeous beach, participate in heart-pounding sports, engage in activities that take place in a metropolitan city, or indulge in scrumptious regional cuisine and beverages, you may do all of these things. Taking a road trip in Sri Lanka is a great way to experience the country’s most popular tourist destinations, despite the fact that six days is a very short length of time. Nevertheless, if you make adequate preparations and hire a driver or guide who is well-informed, you will have the opportunity to visit a significant number of locations during your six-day trip to Sri Lanka. Planning is the single most significant issue that will determine how much money you spend throughout your holiday to Sri Lanka, which will last for six days.

Is 6-days is enough for a Sri Lanka trip?

It is a difficult issue to answer since, despite the fact that many visitors are pleased with what they saw and did during their excursion to Sri Lanka, which lasted for six days, others are disappointed that they could have seen and done more during their time there. If you choose the appropriate itinerary, I believe you will be able to see a significant amount of Sri Lanka. Because of this, it is vital to have a well-planned schedule in order to ensure the success of your vacation to Sri Lanka, even if you believe that spending six days in Sri Lanka is sufficient.

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  • Sri Lanka wildlife tour for 6-days
  • 6-days tour to southern Sri Lanka
  • Sri Lanka 6-day bird-watching tour
  • Sri Lanka 6-day beach holiday

There are many other options available for the 6-day travel plan to Sri Lanka, such as a 6-day tour of the culture of Sri Lanka, a 6-day tour of the adventure of Sri Lanka, a 6-day tour of the nature of Sri Lanka, a 6-day tour of the south coast of Sri Lanka, a 6-day tour of the beaches of Sri Lanka, and many more. Before arranging a holiday in Sri Lanka for six days, travelers should have a very clear understanding of their requirements. This will allow them to select the itinerary that is most suitable for these demands. As a result of the fact that the majority of Sri Lankan tour operators provide their customers with individualized itineraries for tours of Sri Lanka, you will have the opportunity to acquire a customized itinerary for your trip to Sri Lanka with their assistance.

Can I combine my vacation at the beach with a 6-day Sri Lanka tour?

Yes, it is possible for you to effortlessly combine your beach holiday in Sri Lanka with your trip to Sri Lanka that lasts for six days. In actuality, visitors to our website ask this question one of the most frequently. Many tourists want to spend some time relaxing on the beach while also exploring the key cultural, historical, and natural sights that Sri Lanka has to offer when they visit the country. When organizing this kind of trip to Sri Lanka, the beach excursion and the six-day trip are considered to be two separate entities that are regarded as separate things. It is possible that this six-day trip around Sri Lanka will need to be organized in either a clockwise or anti-clockwise orientation, depending on the place that you choose for your beach tour package from the available options.

What is the typical program for a Sri Lanka 6-day tour?

Any individual may find it difficult to provide a straightforward response to the question. However, the most common holiday itinerary for Sri Lanka is a six-day trip that includes visits to the hill area, the cultural triangle, and the beaches. This travel plan is among the most popular choices among travelers, particularly those from other countries. This six-day trip to Sri Lanka will provide you with the opportunity to visit a diverse range of historical sites, including those that are listed on the UNESCO World Heritage list, Buddhist temples, museums, wildlife reserves, tea plantations, the hill area of Sri Lanka, and beaches. In order to provide a more accurate depiction of this trip, we have provided a comprehensive breakdown of the itinerary on this page.

What are the activites packed into a Sri Lanka 6-day tour?

The six-day trip of Sri Lanka, which is a multi-day vacation package that is quite popular in Sri Lanka, is experiencing a high level of demand. You have the ability to incorporate a wide variety of alluring destinations and activities into the schedule. One could take a beach vacation, go on a nature or wildlife adventure, or go on a cultural tour during a trip to Sri Lanka that lasts for six days. A vacation in Sri Lanka that lasts for six days can be planned with a variety of activities and destinations, including the country’s culture, wildlife, beaches, and stunning hill region, or it can be designed with any other combination of activities and sites.

The purpose of this blog post is to provide an overview of a popular six-day travel itinerary for Sri Lanka. This itinerary features a diverse range of attractions, including the island’s hill area, cultural triangle, and beaches. Additionally, visitors will have the opportunity to go on excursions to see animals, go boating, and visit floral gardens.

What is the cost of Sri Lanka 6-day tour?

What is the cost of a vacation to Sri Lanka that lasts for six days?
The price of a vacation to Sri Lanka that lasts for six days might change based on a number of different aspects, such as the type of lodging you choose and the kinds of activities and attractions you wish to take part in during your trip. The cost of activities and admission fees constitutes the second-largest portion of the total price of the package, with housing being the biggest contributor to the total price. The price of the package is affected to some degree by the cost of transportation as well as the money that is charged for the driver and guide. It is possible to save a significant amount of money while giving up a little bit of luxury if you correctly plan your holiday and make reservations at a hotel with three stars as your place of stay.

It is possible to book accommodation my own for the Sri Lanka 6-day tour?

Are you able to make the necessary arrangements for the lodging that I will require for my trip that will last for six days?
The answer is yes, you are able to make hotel reservations for your holiday. On the other hand, we strongly recommend that our clients secure their entire trip through a single provider. This could end up saving the travelers a significant amount of money. In the event that you select two different suppliers (one for housing and another for the remaining components of the package), the total cost of the package may increase by as much as twenty percent.

Is the 6-day Sri Lanka tour suitable for a family?

Yes, it is possible to organize a vacation with children that includes a trip to Sri Lanka that lasts for six days. Aside from the fact that the trip is private and does not involve any activities that require physical exertion, the only people who will be annoyed by the children’s mischievous antics are the parents.

The Sri Lanka nature cocktail trekking tour, the five-day tour in Sri Lanka, the five-day tour of Sri Lanka, the train excursions in Sri Lanka, the train travel in Sri Lanka, and the six most popular hiking sites in Sri Lanka are all included in this holiday package.

Which places are included on the itinerary for a six-day trip to Sri Lanka in 2024?

  • Colombo
  • Sigiriya is currently a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Dambulla National Park is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • In Polonnaruwa, there is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.
  • Kandy
  • Spice and herbal garden
  • Nwara Eliya
  • Bentota Beach and west coast beah
  • Madu River Estuary (Estuary)

What are the key activities that are included in the holiday to Sri Lanka that lasts for six days?

  • The city tour of Colombo
  • Sigiriya Rock Fortification
  • Dambulla Golden Temple
  • A tour around the historic city of Polonnaruwa
  • A tour of the shrine of tooth relics
  • Kandy’s Buddhist Museum and Centre
  • Kandyan cultural show
  • Kandy sightseeing tour & excursion
  • Peradeniya Botanical Garden
  • Spice and herbal garden
  • A tour of the city of Nuwara Eliya
  • Gregory Lake has an esplanade
  • The cultivation of tea and plantations
  • A walking tour of the tea factory
  • At the Madu River, a safari

Sri Lanka’s 6-day tour in a nutshell

  • Day 1: Arriving in Sri Lanka
  • Day 2: From Sigiriya to Colombo
  • Day 3: Sigiriya to Polonnaruwa
  • Day 4: Sigiriya-Kandy
  • Day 5: Kandy-Bentota
  • Day 6: Bentota to Colombo

Sri Lanka 6-day tour in detail

Travel from Colombo to Sigiriya to Nuwara Eliya on a road trip that lasts for six days and takes you through the wild beauty and ancient majesty of Sri Lanka. Taking a road trip is the most popular way to explore the natural beauty and historical treasures of Sri Lanka, as well as to have the option to participate in some exciting activities that are loaded with excitement and adventure. During this six-day tour of Sri Lanka, you will have the opportunity to experience a blend of wild natural beauty and historical delights that is truly remarkable.

It is possible for tourists to reach the majority of the major cities in Sri Lanka by train, and the country also has a bus network that is well connected. Use of public transportation in Sri Lanka, on the other hand, is not recommended due to the fact that it frequently results in a significant amount of time being wasted, and the buses and trains routinely go behind schedule. There are a number of benefits associated with private transportation with a local driver or guide, including the ability to save time and the enhancement of trip comfort.

When you have access to a private car, you have the ability to take a break and enjoy the breathtaking scenery or the comfortable warmth of a family-run inn in the countryside. Because of our six-day road tour, you will have a wonderful time throughout your vacation in Sri Lanka.

When is the best time for a Sri Lanka 6-day tour?

Travel destinations in Sri Lanka that are suitable for a two-day holiday, vacations that last for two days in Sri Lanka, and tours of Buddhist pilgrimage sites in Sri Lanka
In the course of your eight-day private tour of Sri Lanka, you will visit some of the most well-known tourist locations on the island, such as Sigiriya Rock, the Dambulla Golden Temple, the Temple of the Tooth Relic in Kandy, and Udawalawe National Park. At the end of the journey, you will locate a place to anchor on the beaches of Mirissa, which are otherwise uninhabited.

Day 1: Sri Lanka 6-day tour

The first thing you should do is spend a day in the luxurious city of Colombo. While there, you should observe the city’s contemporary and historical architecture and learn about the Wolvendaal church, which the Dutch built and which sits atop a rocky elevation overlooking the busy city.

By ascending Galle Face Green, you will not only be able to enjoy some breathtaking views, but you will also be able to get some practice for the more challenging hikes that are to come. Visit the Kelaniya Buddhist temple once you have had the opportunity to take in the ambiance of Colombo. This temple is considered to be one of the most historically significant temples in the city. It is said that anyone who worships here even once can atone for all of their sins that they have committed since the beginning of their lives. The temple is notable for possessing the most extensive collection of contemporary Buddhist paintings on the island. George Keyt, regarded as one of the island’s top artists, compiled this collection.

The Buddhist populace of Colombo holds the Kelaniya temple in extremely high regard since it is one of the few places where Buddha made an appearance during one of his three travels to the island in the sixth century BC. As a consequence of this, the Kelaniya temple is considered to be one of the most revered Buddhist temples on the island, and it is also one of the eight destinations that every Buddhist ought to visit at least once in his lifetime.

There are a lot of interesting spots that are located within a short distance of the city center of Colombo. These locations include lakes, rivers, parks, historic sites, and wildlife areas. The city of Colombo is a Ramsar wetland metropolis that conceals a number of lakes, marshes, and a complex network of canals that connect all of these water resources. A rough estimate places the area at about twenty square feet. Wetland areas cover a sizable portion of economic land.

Muthurajawela Wetland is easily accessible from Colombo and can be reached in a short amount of time. Once there, visitors can enjoy activities such as strolling, cycling, or boating among the lush vegetation. At Muthurajawela, which is considered to be one of the best places to go birdwatching in the vicinity of Colombo, there is an abundance of breeding-friendly marsh, which attracts a broad range of bird species. The possibility of seeing animals such as crocodiles, mongooses, monitor lizards, and monkeys is present when you go on a boat excursion.

Spend the night at a hotel in Kandy on the first day of the six-day itinerary for Sri Lanka during the first day of the program.

Day 2: Sri Lanka 6-day tour

In the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, where it has flourished for tens of thousands of years, everything started right from the beginning. It is only through the preservation of outstanding historical structures that the splendor of this old civilization has been preserved. The profound knowledge and technology that the ancients possessed appear to have vanished without a trace and, unfortunately, have not been passed down to the current generation.

The ancient culture in question has one of the most advanced water management systems that have ever been discovered by humans. They constructed massive tanks that were the size of several football fields, and they moved water from one tank to another using canals that were painstakingly constructed and stretched for hundreds of kilometers with a very low gradient. The paintings on their buildings were created by ancient artisans, and they were still painted with natural hues. Some of their buildings are as enormous as the Pyramids of Giza.

The cities in the cultural in the cultural triangle, the first chapter of Sri Lankan history can be studied, beginning in the third century BC and continuing into the medieval era. A substantial amount of the significant evidence of Sinhalese culture may be found inside the Cultural Triangle of Sri Lanka, which is comprised of the five UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Sri Lanka (Anuradhapura, Polonnaruwa, Sigiriya, Dambulla, and Kandy).

At each and every ancient site, there are monuments that are dispersed across a large region, and it is not difficult to find beautiful paths to wander through. In some of the old cities, there are even museums that include historical collections that are associated with that particular area.

It is recommended that you spend the night in Anuradhapura after you have completed the tour of the city, which is the most historic city and the largest ancient site and requires several hours of in-depth exploration.

Spend the night at a hotel in Anuradhapura on the second day of your journey, which will last for a total of six days.

Visiting temples, going on a day excursion to Dambulla, Sigiriya, and Polonnaruwa, and paying for a car and a driver are all examples of travel and leisure activities that can be enjoyed in Sri Lanka.
This itinerary for six days in Sri Lanka includes a number of well-known tourist locations, such as the tooth relic shrine, the Dambulla golden temple, and the Sigiriya rock fortress, to name just a few. This private vacation of five days includes a visit to the hill region of Sri Lanka, which is known for its breathtaking scenery. The guests will have the opportunity to learn about the many wildlife that can be found in Sri Lanka by going on a safari.

Day 3: Sri Lanka 6-day tour

Following breakfast, make your way through the Ritigala forest to Sigiriya and Polonnaruwa, where you will have the opportunity to observe the iconic rock fortress of Sigiriya and the historic city of Polonnaruwa. Excited hillclimbers have the option of spending the day climbing the Sigiriya rock fortress, which takes three hours, and then taking a stroll through the old city of Polonnaruwa, which takes two hours. The rock formation known as Sigiriya, which was a monolithic structure, was transformed into a permanent residence for King Kashyapa. This residence featured swimming pools, palaces, guardrooms, moats, fountains, and gardens that were meticulously maintained. The rock stronghold of Sigiriya is an engineering marvel that bears some resemblance to the hanging towns that were found in Mesopotamia.

The Polonnaruwa

Located in the cultural triangle of Sri Lanka, Polonnaruwa is a rural town that is 216 kilometers away from the capital city of Colombo. The historic city of Polonnaruwa, which is visited by hundreds of tourists every single day, is considered to be one of the most popular tourist spots on the island. Polonnaruwa was the location of the seat of government for the monarchs of Sri Lanka from the tenth to the eleventh century after the common era.

Ayurvedic hospitals, stupas, dagobas, temples, meditation centers, and a number of other Hindu religious structures were built inside the confines of Polonnaruwa at the time that it was at the height of its popularity. Parks and gardens were also added to the city in order to make it nicer. The installation of a sophisticated water management system was done in order to guarantee that the city will always have access to running water. The Parakrama Samudra, which is also referred to as the Sea of Parakrama, was the source of water that was utilized by the city and the farmlands that were located in its vicinity.

The Parakrama of Samudra

Within the 12th century, King Parakramabahu was responsible for the construction of the vast man-made lake that is today known as Parakrama Samudra. The construction of the lake, which encompassed a total area of 5,940 hectares, was one of the most extensive irrigation projects that existed during the time of the ancient Kings.

The royal stronghold

Both the royal house of King Parakramabahu, which consisted of one thousand rooms and seven storeys, and his administrative complex were located within the citadel. During the 12th century, King Parakramabahu, who was considered to be one of the most religious rulers in Sri Lanka, ruled over the island kingdom. A considerable contribution to the expansion of the nation was made by the King through the construction of Buddhist temples, the restoration of the antiquated irrigation systems, and the creation of new lakes and canals. A rampart that was nearly one meter thick had been constructed by the King within the vicinity of the stronghold. In order to decorate the rampart, stone sculptures were utilized.

It is possible to reach the royal bath by climbing a flight of stairs that leads to the most eastern area of the city, which is located directly outside the fortress structure. The bath was constructed out of stone, and it featured a tiny pavilion that was believed to have been used as a changing room. It was embellished with wonderful details.

Gal Vihara

The Gal Vihara, sometimes referred to as Uttararama, is a Buddhist temple that is located on the northern outskirts of the city. It is adorned with four large rock Buddha sculptures. At the beginning of the 12th century after the common era, King Parakramabahu had built this Buddhist temple.

The Vata-Da-Ge

It was under the time of King Nissankamalla that a Dagoba, which was a common architectural design in pre-colonial Sri Lanka, was constructed, and a circular relic chamber was formed around it. The relic chamber that is often referred to as Hatadage was built by King Parakramabahu in order to house the priceless tooth relic of Buddha.

Day 4: Sri Lanka 6-day tour

Beginning with a scenic 75-kilometer ride down the A9 primary route from Sigiriya to Kandy via the hill region of Sri Lanka, make a stop at the Dambulla Golden Cave Temple to see the hundreds of Buddha sculptures and murals that are stored in five big caves that have not been altered in any way. King Walagambahu found refuge in the temple during the turbulence that was created by an invasion from south India in the first century BC. The temple is located where the King sought refuge. The monks kept the King hidden in the bush, which served as a defense against those who attempted to attack him. After some time had passed, and the King had regained his followers, the temple was built with his assistance.

A guided walking tour of a spice garden will be provided to the tourists after they have seen the Dambulla Golden Temple. During this tour, they will learn about the valuable spices that are harvested on the island. As you make your way from Spice Garden to Kandy, you will also have the chance to visit one of the famous Hindu temples along the way. After that, our driver guide will take you to the hotel in Kandy, where you will spend the night. At the hotel, the passengers will have the opportunity to consume lunch and take a short snooze before departing for Kandy, where they will participate in the city tour.

Kandy, a stunning city that is home to a wide range of well-known tourist destinations, will be the focus of the remaining activities that will be scheduled for the day. Initial activities in the afternoon include attending a Kandyan cultural performance, which is then followed by a visit to the temple that is home to the tooth relic. Kandy Lake, the Tooth Relic Temple, and the Royal Botanical Garden are the three most important attractions in the city of Kandy, and the majority of city tours in Kandy involve visits to these locations.

Spend the night at a hotel in Sri Lanka where you are staying on the fourth day of the six-day itinerary for the country.

Day 5: Sri Lanka 6-day tour

You should continue driving through the hill country until there is no longer any difference in height from the level of the sea. You should spend the day exploring the breathtaking beaches, and then make your way back to the west coast by way of the wonderful tea factories. Driving through the breathtaking mountain scenery of Sri Lanka’s hill region, which is situated between Nuwara Eliya and the Indian Ocean, would be an experience that would leave a lasting impression on one’s mind. You will stop for lunch at the Eco-resort of Plantation Hotel as you proceed west on the route that connects Nuwara Eliya and Colombo. Along the way, you will pass the tea plantation owned by St. Clair and Devon Fall.

In order to achieve a nice tan and enjoy some gentle sunbathing, you should continue winding down the small and steep route that connects the central highlands and the western plains.

After having a wonderful mixed seafood plate and a drink of arrack, which is a popular beverage among the working class of the country, you should take a stroll along the beaches of Bentota, which are flanked with palm trees and are in pristine condition. It is possible that you will choose to spend the remainder of your leisure time lounging on the beaches with white sand and swimming in the turquoise waters of the Indian Ocean.

Numerous opportunities for walking can be found in this region, which is located a little further inland from the coast and features a substantial stretch of mountain peaks, mountainous terrain, and small hamlets. Water sports aficionados can ensure that they will have a day filled with excitement and adventure by participating in a variety of water activities such as kayaking, surfing, boating, diving, snorkeling, and many others. Enjoy a sip of arrack at a beach bar, eat some seafood from the area, and browse for gems, clothes, souvenirs, and jewelry that are manufactured locally. The beaches are also a haven for people who are looking for activities to do in their spare time.

Bentota is the location of the hotel where you will spend the night on day five of the six-day itinerary for Sri Lanka.

A tour of Sri Lanka for a period of six days
Discover the key tourist attractions that can be found along the southern coast of Sri Lanka by traveling there. These attractions include wildlife reserves, beaches, forts, museums, parks, and the town itself.

Day 6: Sri Lanka 6-day tour

Arrive at the hotel for breakfast at your own time, and then travel to Colombo. Regarding the final day of the trip, there are no noteworthy activities planned. This optional excursion to the southern region of Sri Lanka costs $75 per person and includes stops at the Galle fortress, Hikkaduwa Beach, and the Madu Estuary. Participation in this excursion is encouraged. In the event that the visitors’ flight departs from either Colombo or Mattala, they have the option of selecting an early shuttle to the airport.

How to book Sri Lanka 6-day tour

Please write at admin@seerendipity tours, or call us at 009477440977/ WhatsApp 0094774440977 for booking and more information on the Sri Lanka 6-day tour.

The reasons why you should make use of Seerendipity for your six-day holiday

Seerendipity Tour is a travel company that is wholly owned and operated right here in Sri Lanka. Its headquarters are located in Colombo. One of the most significant benefits offered by Seerendipity Tours is the presence of a highly skilled local team that is capable of organizing your ideal vacation to Sri Lanka.

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